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Afrii-Diaspora Dialogue
  • Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. address the 34th Annual Convention of the National Bar Association
  • A Platform for Dialogue. Welcome! Karibu!

    Welcome to the Black Peoples Dialogue’s Black Communities forum and Duka store. We are a cultural and community website with a GO.A.L.™ to UpLift™, EmPower™, & Unify™ the many different peoples, histories, cultures, and communities of the Afrikan Diaspora.

  • Why Join Black Communities forum?

    Our Black Communities forum is a free platform for, the seemingly much needed, dialogue and interaction between the many different peoples of African descent.

  • Meet New People all over the diaspora

    The Black Peoples Dialogue (a.k.a. Afrii-Diaspora Dialogue) is meant to engage people of African descent from all over the African diaspora.

  • UpLift™



    GO.A.L.™ (GO Attain Life™)

    Black Culture

    Black History


    Afrikan Heritage

    Black Youth

    Black Communities

    Black Excellence

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Afrii-Diaspora Dialogue

A Platform for Dialogue for the African diaspora

A cultural and community website with a GO.A.L. to UpLift™, EmPower™ & UnIfy™ the many different peoples, histories, cultures and communities of the Afrikan Diaspora.

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