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Afrii Diaspora Dialogue

We Are Looking for Black and African Writers, Earn $25–$60 per Article


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Habari Gani? The Afrii Diaspora Dialogue (also known as Black Peoples Dialogue) is looking for Black and African writers to write (or submit) original articles, essays, and research papers. We’re looking for 800–1200-word articles or essays. WE WILL PAY $25 per page with a max of two pages (or three pages if the content is engaging enough).


  • 800–1200-word articles, essays, or research papers.
  • Correct grammar and punctuation.
  • Articles that have a good summary of topic.
  • Cited references (MLA, APA, or CMOS).


  • Work must be original and free of copyright infringement.
  • Articles must be in English or translatable to English.

Blogs and Example Topics

  • All of Black History — Articles on Black and African history not found on our website, including topics, such as the Twenty-Fifth Dynasty of Egypt and biographies, such as the Queen of Sheba.
  • The Diaspora — Articles on Black and African ethnic groups, cultures, and traditions not found on our website, such as the Jamaican Marrons.
  • Black Health Information — Articles related to general health, issues, or conditions faced by people of the African diaspora, such as HIV/ AIDS information, the alkaline diet, and more.
  • Perspectives, Ideologies, Concepts (P.I.C.) — Essays and research showing evidence of a particular topic, condition, or state related to Black/ African people, such as the epidemics of HIV and poverty in Black communities around the World.

Approval of Articles

We will need to review any articles before we pay for them, so writers will have to submit their work in some form for us to read (preferably in a word document editor for word count), but we will not use any articles that we do not purchase unless you choose to donate the article.


We are paying $25 per page (or 800 words) with a max of 1500 words (or two pages). If the content is good enough, we may pay for a third page. The currency will be in United States dollars (USD). Payment will likely be via the following form(s):

  • PayPalVenmo
  • a gift card, such as Amazon or Walmart.


The Black Peoples Dialogue may modify, add or remove content from an article or essay as we deem fit.

Authors can receive credit for work via a short biography, including name, contact info/ link, but the copyright for the work will be transferred/ purchased and held by the Afrii Diaspora Dialogue. Any bios or contact links should be included with the article submitted.

Contact Us

If you are interested, you can contact us via our contact form, by email at [email protected], or via our Facebook page.

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Afrii Diaspora Dialogue

A Platform for Dialogue for the African diaspora

A cultural and community website with a GO.A.L. to UpLift™ and EmPower™ the many different peoples, cultures, and communities of the Black and African diasporas.

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