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The Black Church (PBS) Full Episodes

The documentary reveals how Black people have worshipped and, through their spiritual journeys, improvised ways to bring their faith traditions from Africa to the...

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Witnessed: The Assassination of Malcolm X

Witnessed: The Assassination of Malcolm X is a CNN Special Report that features interviews with people who were there and who knew Malcolm along...

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We Are Looking for Black/ African Writers (Earn $15 – $30 per Article)

Habari Gani? The Afrii-Diaspora Dialogue is looking for Black and African writers to write (or submit) original articles, essays, and research papers. We're looking...

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‘What To The Slave Is The Fourth Of July?’: Descendants Read Frederick Douglass’ Speech

The U.S. celebrates this Independence Day amid nationwide protests and calls for systemic reforms. In this short film, five young descendants of Frederick Douglass...

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Minister Louis Farrakhan’s July 4th Address – 2020

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan's July 4, 2020 worldwide address.

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Senegal's Teenage Jockey Racing to Fame

Photo: Twitter Having won Senegal's top prize two years ago, jockey Fallou Diop, still only 19, hopes to realise his dream of racing in...

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Third COVID-19 Vaccine, This Time From Johnson & Johnson, Could Soon Be Available in the U.S.

Another COVID-19 vaccine is likely to hit the scene in the coming weeks, hopefully hastening the day when the nation (and world) can get...

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Violent Baton Rouge Cop Recorded Choking Black 13-Year-Old Boy

Photo: YouTube Thuggish Baton Rouge police officer shown above choking 13-year-old Black boy--while another officer holds the boy. Video of a Baton Rouge, Louisiana,...

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'Free Lula' Seeks Annulment of Moro's Proceedings Against Lula

According to the news portal Brasil 247, the former Minister of Justice, in collusion with the deactivated Operation Lava Jato prosecutors, violated the law...

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Showtime Sets Premiere Date for New Sketch Comedy Series From Comedian Ziwe Fumudoh

Former Desus & Mero writer and comedian Ziwe Fumudoh will be making her small screen debut soon, thanks to Showtime.Read more...

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HIV The Human Immunodeficiency Viruses (HIV) are two species of Lentivirus (a subgroup of retrovirus) that infect humans. Over time, they cause Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome...

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West Indies HIV Summary 2017

Region Statistics Barbados ...

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The Americas HIV Summary 2017

Region Statistics (S. America) ...

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West & Central Afrika HIV Summary 2017

Region Statistics Togo ...

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East & Southern Afrika HIV Summary 2017

Region Statistics Mozambique ...

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Kwanzaa: Origins & Meanings of Nguzo Saba symbols


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Largest African Ethnic Groups – 2019

Largest African Ethnic Groups – Overall ...

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African Diaspora – Largest Populations 2018

Countries with Largest Afrikan/ Black Populations Country (#) (%) Region Country (#) (%) Region United States 43,840,436 13.4 N. America Brazil 14,517,961 8 S. America Haiti 10,114,378 95 The Caribbean Colombia 4,944,400 10.6 S. America France 2,694,574 – 5,389,148 4 – 8 Europe Jamaica 2,589,935 92.1 The Caribbean United Kingdom 1,953,157 3 Europe Mexico 1,386,556 1 N. America Canada 1,198,540 3.5 N. America Peru 1,127,924 3.6 S. America Cuba 1,034,044 9.3 The Caribbean Dominican Republic (Mulatto/ Multi-Raced) 1,029,535...

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Afrikan Folktales

← Go To: Afrikan Proverbs ...

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Caribbean Folktales

← Go To: Caribbean Proverbs ...

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“The Police and the Press”, “Who Taught You to Hate Yourself?”, and “The Most Disrespected Person in America”: Excepts from May 5, 1962 Speech by Malcolm X

The following are excerpts from a speech that Malcolm X gave on May 5, 1962 at the funeral service of Ronald Stokes in Los...

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May 5/ 22, 1962 Speech in Los Angeles by Malcolm X (Full Speech)

On April 27th 1962, two LAPD police officers instructed to closely monitor a mosque’s activities (Muslim Temple 27 in Los Angeles) saw Black men...

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The Atlanta Compromise by Booker T. Washington

Audio: An edited and shortened version on the Atlanta Compromise by Booker T. Washington Mr. President and Gentlemen of the Board of Directors and Citizens: One-third...

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The Three Evils of Society by Martin Luther King Jr. Mr. Chairman, friends and brothers in this first gathering of the National Conference on New Politics. Ladies and gentlemen. . .can you hear me...

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The 25th Dynasty of Egypt

The 25th dynasty of Egypt parallels the Egyptian third intermediate period from 1070-635 BC. Piankhi, the king of Kush, better known as Piye, laid...

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