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  • ‘Close’: Heartbreaking LGBTQI+ drama brings Cannes audience to tears

    ‘Close’: Heartbreaking LGBTQI+ drama brings Cannes audience to tears

    The annual Cannes Film Festival kicked off on Tuesday 17 May with thousands of film directors, actors, producers and film lovers jetting off to France for 10 days of stellar entertainment. Among some of the films that were screened in Cannes was an LGBTQI+ film titled Close. According to ABC News, Close was a standout at the Cannes Film Festival and brought the audience to tears.

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    Close is the brainchild of Belgian film director Lukas Dhont, who made his feature film debut in 2018 with Girl, a film centered around a transgender girl. 

    Dhont’s new film follows two 13-year-old boys who are discovering that their relationship is a little bit more than “just friends”. When the two boys are eventually intimate with one another, they are broken up by the others who ridicule their romantic connection.

    Close has received rave reviews from film critics and The Daily Beast has dubbed it a “devastating film about queerness”.



    Speaking to ABC News about Close, Dhont said the film was “part of him”. As a young closeted boy, the director added that he has been wanting to make the film for “a long time”.

    “I was a boy who had the feeling that I didn’t really belong. I didn’t really belong to the group of girls in my school and I didn’t really belong with the group of boys in my school.”

    “So I disconnected in many ways from the people around me in school and also the boys who tried to be friends with me,” expressed the 31-year-old director. 

    “I lost a lot of precious friendships because I was just scared of them. I was scared of that closeness, scared to be labelled a certain way.”

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    The Cannes Film Festival closing ceremony took place on Saturday 28 May where several awards were handed out to top film directors and actors. 

    Lukas Dhont’s Close tied for the Grand Prix award with Claire Deis’ Stars at Noon

    The Grand Prix Award is handed out by the Cannes Film Festival jury. 

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