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  • Breaking Bread: Prayer, our communication with God

    Breaking Bread: Prayer, our communication with God

    It is written, Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God. What a profound truth! A realization that eases the grip of life on man – surrendering to God in all things. Partake in this feast as we consume food for the soul, nourishing the spirit in Breaking Bread. It is Monday, 29th August 2022.


    How must we pray to God? Prayer is one of the most intimate actions in the life of the children of God. We must approach our prayers to God with the necessary holiness. The theologian Johannes Calvin said that the first rule of prayer is that our hearts and thoughts should be in a right attitude towards God. This will allow us to have a meaningful conversation with Him.

    We should not pray to be seen by people. This is one of the mistakes Jesus identified, namely that some of the prayers of the Jews were to impress the people (Read Matthew 6: 7-8 ). Jesus gave us two rules for praying. Firstly, we should pray to God in private and public.

    Secondly, God to Whom we pray, is filled with love and wants to give us more that we ask for. We must also allow the Holy Spirit to teach us to pray in true faith. Prayer is more about a change of ourselves than the change of the world.

    Therefore it is important to thank God as our Holy Father for the moments of hidden or private prayers in His holy presence.

    One of the most biggest and important goals of prayer is to allow us to be in communion with God. When we are in love with a person, we want  to be constantly in conversation with that person. We want to be in the presence of such a person because it will build intimacy.

    Daily communication with God improves our ability to understand the thoughts, character, expectations and plans of God for our lives. We’ve identified our needs and challenges before God and He will answer us through His Word. Our prayers will empower God to respond to our needs and to change our lives completely for our sake.


    God, we thank You for your ongoing presence in our lives. Thank You for the opportunity to be able to pray to You and Your willingness to listen to us. Help us to be in a continuous conversation with You through our prayers. Amen.

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    Gebed is ons paspoort tot die ontvangs van genade vanaf God in ons lewens en in die lewens van diegene rondom ons. Gebed sluit die volgende aksies in:

    • Ons moet kan vra: Mattheus 7:7 en 21:22
    • Ons moet met danksegging bid: Effesiers 6:18
    • Ons moet kan in geloof bid: Mattheus 21:22

    Indien ons nie weet hoe om te bid nie, en ons gedagtes n warboel is, onthou die Here sien en beoordeel genadiglik die hart. Gebed tot God moet gebed in geloof wees (lees Jakobus 5:15).

    Gebed kan nie bloot n roetine raak waar dieselfde woorde en versoeke herhaal word of n formaliteit word nie. Gebed moet ook in die naam van God plaasvind. In Johannes 15:16 staan: “So sal die Vader aan julle gee wat julle ook in Sy naam vra’’. Wanneer ons bid sodat ons eie begeertes en ambisies kan bereik word, is dit n kragtelose gebed. Ons kan ook nie bid vir dinge wat ons weet God sal afkeur nie. Die doel van gebed is om God se wil te vind en van Sy wil ons gebed te maak.

    Wanneer ons liefde vir God voortdurend groei, sal ons gebedslewe ook vergemaklik en groei.


    Dankie vader dat ons tot U kan bid en dat U na ons gebede luister en daarop antwoord deur U Woord. Dankie dat ons U wil kan vin den daarvan ons gebede maak. Amen.

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