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  • Diep City soapie teasers: What’s happening this July 2022?

    Diep City soapie teasers: What’s happening this July 2022?

    This month is going to be thrilling in Diep City, find out what is happening with these Diep City soapie teasers! Soapie Teasers provided by TVSA.

    Friday 1 July 2022
    Episode 65

    Bonga and Nompilo have impulsive sex. Bonga tells Ringo what happened with Nompilo. Thandiwe is fired. Khelina stands down with her.

    Monday 4 July 2022
    Episode 66

    Charleston is feeling comfortable at Bra Shakes tavern.

    Tuesday 5 July 2022
    Episode 67

    Charleston spirals out of control and Asanda taste betrayal.

    Wednesday 6 July 2022
    Episode 68

    Pastor Charleston decides to go back into ministry.

    Thursday 7 July 2022
    Episode 69

    Bonga doesn’t commit to Nompilo. Asanda and Charleston discuss marriage.

    Friday 8 July 2022
    Episode 70

    Nompilo gifts Bonga with underwear and perfume. Thandiwe is surprised just how little her pension fund is.

    Monday 11 July 2022
    Episode 71

    Charleston is back to his old self. He has found his passion again. Bonga is enjoying his affair a little too much. Thandiwe notices he’s starting to look different, even act different.

    Tuesday 12 July 2022
    Episode 72

    Mgedeza has had enough gambles with his life. Bonga is quite the lover, eating two suppers, figuratively and literally.

    Wednesday 13 July 2022
    Episode 73

    Bonga makes a family dinner very tense. Maureen gets Mgedeza a powerful lawyer.

    Thursday 14 July 2022
    Episode 74

    Charleston worries that Mgedeza wants him to join his gang and Mgedeza makes an impossible demand that leaves Mpinga speechless.

    Friday 15 July 2022
    Episode 75

    Charleston is over the moon about teaching Mgedeza about God.

    Monday 18 July 2022
    Episode 76

    Bonga panics when he finds out that Khelina knows about his affair with Nompilo. Maureen steps up to protect her family from the Godfather.

    Tuesday 19 July 2022
    Episode 77

    MaShenge takes matters into her hands. Mgedeza has Mpinga where he wants him.

    Wednesday 20 July 2022
    Episode 78

    Maureen takes matters into her own hands. She puts a scam in motion working with Dube.

    Thursday 21 July 2022
    Episode 79

    Thandiwe is finding it hard to not show her hurt and is left gutted when she finds out Khelina knew all along.

    Friday 22 July 2022
    Episode 80

    Mgedeza prays for his Mobility and Ringo reaches out to Bonga.

    Monday 25 July 2022
    Episode 81

    Maureen thinks she might be watched. Thandiwe tries to forgive Bonga but the journey is hard.

    Tuesday 26 July 2022
    Episode 82

    Dube continues to be annoying to Maureen as he tries to kick her out of her business.

    Wednesday 27 July 2022
    Episode 83

    Thandiwe and Bonga seem to have finally made up and Khelina threatens Ringo.

    Thursday 28 July 2022
    Episode 84

    Thandiwe finds everything Bonga does annoying and Khelina calls off the wedding.

    Friday 29 July 2022
    Episode 85

    Mgedeza is baptized by Charleston. Bonga tells Thandiwe she made him cheat.

    Premiere episodes of DiepCity air on Mzansi Magic from Mondays to Fridays at 20h30.

    Catch the latest episodes of Diep City from Monday – Friday here

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