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  • Diep City soapie teasers: What’s happening this June 2022?

    Diep City soapie teasers: What’s happening this June 2022?

    This month is going to be thrilling in Diep City, find out what is happening with these Diep City soapie teasers! Soapie Teasers provided by TVSA.

    Coming up on DiepCity this June 2022:

    Wednesday 1 June 2022
    Episode 43

    Sne gets her first customer in a long time and Themba comes to apologize. Thandiwe and Khelina get robbed.

    Thursday 2 June 2022
    Episode 44

    Ntswaki comes to tell the girls that Bra Pat is too high up for her to get any information on him. The AmaDubai cause a ruckus in the streets of Diepsloot.

    Friday 3 June 2022
    Episode 45

    Nox is ready to face the consequences for her actions when she gets a revelation that changes her life. Themba has a humiliating run in with AmaDubai that scores him a gruesome beating.

    Monday 6 June 2022
    Episode 46

    Nox unravels and confronts her mother about Bra Pat being her father. Ringo is quickly running out of money.

    Tuesday 7 June 2022
    Episode 47

    Nox finally learns the truth about her father and she is hurt. Ringo is stressed, the wigs are not selling.

    Wednesday 8 June 2022
    Episode 48

    Ringo digs himself into more trouble. He lies to Khelina about her dress. Bra Pat humbles himself to Bonga and asks him to mediate between him and Nox.

    Thursday 9 June 2022
    Episode 49

    Nox is torn about the Bra Pat situation but Bonga gives her something to think about. Khelina is left in tears when she finds Ringo in a compromising situation without a cent in his pocket.

    Friday 10 June 2022
    Episode 50

    Thandiwe tries to cheer up her friend Khelina. Nox has a good chat with bra pat and the AmaDubai spots her.

    Monday 13 June 2022
    Episode 51

    Nox bonds with Bra Pat and he offers her a great business opportunity. Ringo’s money problems drive him to desperation.

    Tuesday 14 June 2022
    Episode 52

    Nox fears that Bra Pat’s offer of a leg up might reveal some unsavory secrets. The flame between Bonga and Nompilo smoulders and Thandiwe suggests that Bonga invite Nompilo over for dinner.

    Wednesday 15 June 2022
    Episode 53

    Bra Pat smooth talks Thandiwe to give him Nox’s ID copy. Lungile and Nox are convinced that Bonga is cheating with Nompilo.

    Thursday 16 June 2022
    Episode 54

    Nox’s secret comes tumbling out, Khelina finally gets her tea party.

    Friday 17 June 2022
    Episode 55

    Nox worries that her mother may be right, but she is relieved when Bra Pat assures her that he is not going anywhere. Thandiwe is left stunned when she gets the apology she wanted.

    Monday 20 June 2022
    Episode 56

    Bonga tries to spend time with Nox but she is too busy for him. Nomaweni shares sensitive details about her journey to have a child.

    Tuesday 21 June 2022
    Episode 57

    Bra Pat impresses the Jele girls with a lovely lunch. Bonga worries about losing his family while an overwhelmed Ringo suggests that Khelina be taught how to drive by a professional.

    Wednesday 22 June 2022
    Episode 58

    Bra Pat goes all out for “his girls”. Bonga isn’t happy about it.

    Thursday 23 June 2022
    Episode 59

    Bra Pat plans to tell Nomaweni the truth but discovers something painful. Khelina’s makeover is on the extreme side.

    Friday 24 June 2022
    Episode 60

    Bonga punches Patrick in front of his family. Bra Pat wants Nox to take her surname.

    Monday 27 June 2022
    Episode 61

    A cloud of nyaope engulfs the community and Bonga undertakes to help. Nox struggles with a name change.

    Tuesday 28 June 2022
    Episode 62

    Bonga is set on finding the missing girl. Thandiwe gets impatient with Bra pat when he postpones telling the truth.

    Wednesday 29 June 2022
    Episode 63

    Bra Pat wants to take Nox for a test drive and Nox tells him that she won’t be taking his surname.  Nomaweni is convinced Patrick is cheating and questions what he is not happy with.

    Thursday 30 June 2022
    Episode 64

    Nox berates Bra Pat for disrespecting Bonga, and he wants to introduce her to Nomaweni as his daughter.

    Premiere episodes of DiepCity air on Mzansi Magic from Mondays to Fridays at 20h30.

    Catch the latest episodes of Diep City from Monday – Friday here

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