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  • Exclusive: One-on-one with award-winning ‘Tali’s Joburg Diary’ star

    Exclusive: One-on-one with award-winning ‘Tali’s Joburg Diary’ star

    Tali is back for another season filled with laughter with her comedy skits. This time, she’s returning to her hometown, Johannesburg, in her new show called Tali’s Joburg Diary, streaming on Showmax.

    This season shows Tali’s journey to Joburg, her attending parent-teacher meetings, and adjusting to Jozi life.

    We spoke to Julia Anastasopoulos, who plays Tali about the new season, the move back to Joburg, humour in South Africa, what can we expect in the new season, and what’s next.

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    Julia Anastasopoulos, who plays the hilarious Tali, is a comedian, artist and an all round hoot. When we asked her about Tali’s Joburg Diary, she said: “For Tali, she’s trying to adjust back into Joburg life,” said Anastasopoulos.

    “For Tali, Joburg runs deep in her veins, and her childhood friends are all there,” added Anastasopoulos.

    Tali’s journey has been in Cape Town for the past two seasons, with Tali’s Wedding Diary and Tali’s Baby Diary, and now with the return to the city of gold, Anastasopoulos talks about the shift.

    Tali’s Joburg Diary is basically a look back for Tali. More like a back to school or a school reunion so to speak,” said Anastasopoulos.

    “This season felt like a breath of fresh air, from the content to the fact that we weren’t forced to wear masks like previous seasons,” said Anastasopoulos.

    Viewers always can’t seem to differentiate between Tali and Julia Anastasopoulos. When we asked the actress/comedian about their differences, she simply said: Tali is way more extroverted than Julia, and she will stop at nothing to get what she wants,” said Anastasopoulos.

    Let’s just say Julia Anastasopoulos executes this character to perfection.

    Showmax releases trailer for ‘Tali’s Joburg Diary’. Image: Supplied.

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    This season of Tali’s Joburg Diary brings back familiar faces such as the hilarious satirist Coconut Kelz.

    At a time where collaboration is important, Anastasopoulos said it was great to have Coconut Kelz back.

    “Coconut Kelz is a force to be reckoned with and this season she’s more like Tali’s Joburg spirit guide,” said Anastasopoulos.

    This season we should expect a fresh perspective and a lot of laughter and awkward moments.

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