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  • Muvhango soapie teasers: What’s happening this June 2022?

    Muvhango soapie teasers: What’s happening this June 2022?

    Soapie Teasers provided by TVSA.

    Coming up on Muvhango this June 2022: 

    Wednesday 1 June 2022
    Episode 4089

    Tendamudzimu lies to everyone about his heart attack. Susan is finally excited about the SABC 2 interview but is met with a little resistance. Vho-Masindi wants Vho-Mukondeleli’s body to stay a night at the royal house but Vho-Mukondeleli’s family will not have it.

    Thursday 2 June 2022
    Episode 4090

    Azwindini wants Mukondeleli’s coffin to take the position of the throne. James and Lesedi have to confront the consequences of their lies. Susan gets a makeover but it’s a disaster!

    Friday 3 June 2022
    Episode 4091

    Vho-Mukondeleli’s body leaves the royal house. Itseng advises Lesedi to forgive his father. Tenda finds the man who sent him the threatening package.

    Monday 6 June 2022
    Episode 4092

    Azwindini threatens to interdict Mukondeleli’s family and stop the burial. Tenda orders the abduction of an enemy. Marang is unimpressed with James and Tenda.

    Tuesday 7 June 2022
    Episode 4093

    Azwindini gets summoned to Zwifhoni. James tells the principal half-truths. Susan meets Zama.

    Wednesday 8 June 2022
    Episode 4094

    Tenda’s handiwork surfaces. James gets an offer of a lifetime. Susan gets pampered.

    Thursday 9 June 2022
    Episode 4095

    Azwindini is outraged when his livestock is stolen and he finds out that the ancestors are punishing him for refusing to got to Zwifhoni. Vhangani is freaked out when he’s ordered to accompany Azwindini to Zwifhoni. He has to make peace with the fact the he could lose his life.

    Imani decides to approach Moipone to help Lesedi on his quest to find out about his grandfathers.

    Friday 10 June 2022
    Episode 4096

    Azwindini and Vhangani begin the journey to Zwifhoni, fraught with supernatural happenings. Susan is visited by Lowani with an unusual request from the women of Thathe. James finds out Imani took Lesedi to find out about his grandfather in one of the last places he’d want Lesedi to go to.

    Monday 13 June 2022
    Episode 4097

    Azwindini risks his life to rescue Vhangani after he tumbles down a cliff. James reveals to Imani that he is the product of rape and incest. Susan gets a big donation towards her political campaign. Hangwani is distraught when the new menus she ordered turn out to be a mess.

    Tuesday 14 June 2022
    Episode 4098

    Is Azwindini able to save Vhangani from death? How will Lesedi deal with rejection? Has Rendani bitten off more than she could chew? Has Cupid shot an arrow throw Vhutshilo’s heart? Will Vho-Masindi’s epiphany destroy Susan for good? The ancestors seem to have decided Azwindini’s fate.

    Wednesday 15 June 2022
    Episode 4099

    Azwindini wakes up at Zwifhoni. James steals a page from Tenda’s book. Zama invites Vhutshilo out.

    Thursday 16 June 2022
    Episode 4100

    Azwindini dies. James and Imani’s idea to take Lesedi to Disneyland falls flat. Vhutshilo chickens out from the date with Zama.

    Friday 17 June 2022
    Episode 4101

    Azwindini returns a transformed man. James is worried he might unwittingly harm his child. Vhutshilo makes a fool of himself.

    Monday 20 June 2022
    Episode 4102

    Gizara gives an order to ruin Susan’s career. James is emotional about his son at the hospital. Vhutshilo learns Zama only wants to hire him.

    Tuesday 21 June 2022
    Episode 4103

    The Ravele Delegation drop a bombshell on the Vhakwevho. Lesedi’s illness mysteriously vanishes. Will Vhutshilo get the girl?

    Wednesday 22 June 2022
    Episode 4104

    Ndemedzo announces his candidacy for council. Vhutshilo has competition for Zama’s attention. James is behaving strangely at work and at home.

    Thursday 23 June 2022
    Episode 4105

    Susan is summoned before a khoroni to answer for drugging Azwindini. James freaks out when he sees a leopard skin artefact in Itseng’s bag. Vhutshilo is worried that Zama is dating Reggie.

    Friday 24 June 2022
    Episode 4106

    Strange and mysterious things continue to happen around James, prompting Imani to ask him to seek help. Susan’s decision to come back with a bang leaves her with egg on her face. Gizara does not hold back in his attack against a helpless Azwindini.

    Reggie makes it clear that Vhutshilo must get out of his way.

    Monday 27 June 2022
    Episode 4107

    Vho-Masindi and Vho-Makhadzi vow to deny Gizara if the attempt to rig the elections leads back to him. Imani is shocked to find James is wearing a beaded necklace. Vhutshilo displays his sore loser side.

    Tuesday 28 June 2022
    Episode 4108

    Gizara is forced to confess or else he faces jail time. James warms up to his ancestral call to be a sangoma. Vhutshilo will not lose Zama to Reggie.

    Wednesday 29 June 2022
    Episode 4109

    The Ravele Delegation drop a bombshell on the Vhakwevho. Lesedi’s illness mysteriously vanishes. Will Vhutshilo get the girl?

    Thursday 30 June 2022
    Episode 4110

    Susan throws Azwindini out. James sees a figure crossing the bedroom. Vhutshilo scores against Reggie.

    Muvhango airs on SABC2 from Mondays to Fridays at 21h00.

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