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  • Superman’s son has finally come out to his father as bisexual

    Superman’s son has finally come out to his father as bisexual

    DC Comics announced that in Superman: Son of Kal-El Jonathan Kent aka Jon Kent son of our favourite superhero Clark Kent will have a same-sex relationship.

    In November 2021 it was revealed that Jon was bisexual when he started developing feelings for Jay Nakamura a journalist and activist. The relationship was built gradually over 16 issues of the comic book.


    In the 17th issue of Son of Kal-El Jon finally gets the courage to come out to his superhero father after Clark returns from a year-long mission on Warworld.

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    Jon comes out after being attacked by an unknown threat while searching for civilians which left him unconscious, he is taken to the Justice League Infirmary where he tells his father that he was afraid to come out because he was afraid to disappoint him.

    He tells his father that “I know that you… I mean there are videos of me and Jay everywhere, it’s hardly a secret,”

    Superman: Son of Kal-El: Superman Jon Kent and journalist Jay Nakamura. Photo: Twitter @fmavirgo

    The Original Superman, Clark Kent says to his son:

    “Every day of my life has been better since you’ve been in it. Every single day. Who you love is the last thing that could change that,”

    He continues to tell him that “anyone who makes your life better will always be a hero in my eyes. And no matter what, I will stand beside you. I will defend you. I will love you, and I will always, always be your father.”

    Clark Kent then embraces his son with a kiss on the forehead and a hug.


    Months leading up to coming out to his father, the romance between Jon Kent and Jay Nakamura has left fans captivated, this romance has been a very big leap for LGBTQ community and also for comic book nerds around the world.

    Tom Taylor who is DC comic book writer said:

    “I’ve always said everyone needs heroes and everyone deserves to see themselves in their heroes and I’m very grateful DC and Warner Bros share this idea,”

    DC Comics has been making progressive story storylines for sometime now, they have introduced 3 major queer storylines.

    Glen Weldon who is writer and podcaster also spoke about the progress being made in the DC coming with bisexual Superman and a queer Robin and Aquaman are signs of progress. 

    Furthermore Weldon noted that:

    “Progress is being made here, it’s just a much smaller and more incremental species of progress than DC Comics’ press releases, and much more of the ensuing coverage is suggesting.” 

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    If you have any queer stories to share send an email to [email protected] or a WhatsApp to 060 011 0211

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