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  • Uzalo soapie teasers: What’s happening this June 2022?

    Uzalo soapie teasers: What’s happening this June 2022?

    This month in Uzalo things are getting dramatic, don’t miss out with these Uzalo soapie teasers! Soapie Teasers provided by TVSA.

    Coming up on Uzalo in June 2022:

    Wednesday 1 June 2022
    Episode 63

    Sibonelo’s fate hangs in the balance. Hleziphi finally gets a breakthrough in her relationship with Kwanda. Nosipho gets a different POV about a very sensitive topic.

    Thursday 2 June 2022
    Episode 64

    Nkunzi’s scout mission triggers a war in Ulundi. Hleziphi’s misdeeds come to light and Nosipho’s interest in artificial insemination continues to grow.

    Friday 3 June 2022
    Episode 65

    Every dog has its day and Njinji’s day has come.

    Monday 6 June 2022
    Episode 66

    Kwanda and Nonka are shocked by Hleziphi’s confession. Njeza considers signing a deal with the devil in order to get what he wants.

    Tuesday 7 June 2022
    Episode 67

    Sbu and Njeza find out it’s time to pay back for their freedom while Sibonelo connects with his mother.

    Wednesday 8 June 2022
    Episode 68

    Sbu and Njeza are out of prison, but not free. Nosipho is determined to have a baby. While Nonka is knee-deep in debts, struggling without Kwanda and his business.

    Thursday 9 June 2022
    Episode 69

    Njeza and Sbu gets a chance to pitch an idea to Nkunzi. Kwanda humbles himself and gives a much needed apology to the Xaba’s for hurting their daughter. Nosipho does the unthinkable to try and hatch.

    Friday 10 June 2022
    Episode 70

    Nomaswazi is forced to reach a compromise with Njeza and Sbu. Nonka has an unexpected offer for Kwanda and Nosipho is unsettled when Mondli pays her a visit.

    Monday 13 June 2022
    Episode 71

    When Nomaswazi requests a meeting with Nkunzi he becomes suspicious of her intentions.

    Tuesday 14 June 2022
    Episode 72

    Nomaswazi tango’s with danger. Hleziphi asks Nonka for her job back. While Nosipho announces her plan to boost morale among the business hub tenants.

    Wednesday 15 June 2022
    Episode 73

    Nonka has made another big business move without consulting with Kwanda and it backfires. Badly. Nosipho’s burning secret gnaws at her, threatening to come out.

    Thursday 16 June 2022
    Episode 74

    Njinji disciples Vika. Pastor Gwala agrees to help Njeza and Sbu. Nosipho and her tenants celebrate Youth Day with fun games.

    Friday 17 June 2022
    Episode 75

    Gabisile receives bad news from Flavia. Kwanda and Nonka make a huge decision about their future. Sbu fulfils his promise to his gogo.

    Monday 20 June 2022
    Episode 76

    Nomaswazi is devastated when Njinji gives away a priceless possession. A mysterious stranger comes to MaDongwe’s rescue and Sbu spends money recklessly despite Hlelo’s reservations.

    Tuesday 21 June 2022
    Episode 77

    Gabisile is left stranded when her listeners refuse to call into her show. Sbu surprises Hlelo with a personal chef and Njeza also showers his family with gifts. Nomaswazi makes a shocking discovery.

    Wednesday 22 June 2022
    Episode 78

    After a confrontation with Nomaswazi, Njinji is ready to reveal all to the family. MaDongwe’s world is overwhelmed by love. Sbu’s efforts to make it up to Hlelo don’t go as planned and Gabisile has to step out of her comfort zone to save her radio show.

    Thursday 23 June 2022
    Episode 79

    Nomaswazi discovers a difficult truth about her father. Lilly and Nonka are very curious about General’s intentions for MaDongwe. Sbu’s frivolous expenditure threatens to derail the car wrapping business.

    Friday 24 June 2022
    Episode 80

    Gabisile receives a backlash from social media, Mamba warns Nomaswazi against digging her father’s past, Hlelo urges Njeza not to give up on Sbu.

    Monday 27 June 2022
    Episode 81

    Nkunzi is doubtful about attending Gabisile’s charity event, afraid his presence may ruin the event. General steps on Lilly’s bisexual toes and she bites back. Hlelo can’t stand living a lie.

    Tuesday 28 June 2022
    Episode 82

    Nkunzi learns someone is hijacking trucks on his territory and goes on a mission to find out who is behind it.

    Wednesday 29 June 2022
    Episode 83

    A determined Nomaswazi continues to dig into her father’s death. General’s dinner with the Xaba family is nearly perfect. Sbu is miserable without Hlelo.

    Thursday 30 June 2022
    Episode 84

    Nomaswazi has a perfect plan to avenge her father’s killer, while Lilly drives a wedge between Madongwe and Mrs Madlala and with Hlelo out of the picture Sbu is eager to work.

    Premiere episodes of Uzalo air on SABC1 from Mondays to Fridays at 20h30.

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