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  • Virgins to march to ‘Durban Gen’ studios over ‘insulting’ episode [watch]

    Virgins to march to ‘Durban Gen’ studios over ‘insulting’ episode [watch]

    e.TV’s medical drama series Durban Gen has come under fire for an episode that aired on 10 May about maidens.

    The Nomkhubukwane Culture and Youth Development Organisation in KZN has slammed the recently cancelled telenovela for what it labeled undermining the practice of virginity testing, explaining that maidens are insulted and will march to the Durban Gen studios.

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    During the episode in question, a maiden goes to the hospital to speak to one of the nurses about an incident that took place during their reed dance practice. The maiden confesses that one of the elderly women inserted umhlwehlwe (goat fat) in her vagina and those of other maidens for them to appear as virgins when the elders who perform virginity testing examine them.

    The episode received mixed reactions on Instagram, with one maiden expressing that she is offended because they get insulted everyday for their choice. While another viewer said that now he understands why the show has been cancelled, speaking to nature of the storyline.

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    Now, Daily Sun has reported that further steps will be taken for the telenovela.

    President Nomagugu Ngobese of the Nomkhubulwane Youth and Development Organisation has expressed the organisation’s anger following the Durban Gen episode.

    She also explained that several maidens felt insulted by the episode and they will be marching to the Durban Gen studios to demand an apology from the production.

    “That episode was not necessary. Maidens, especially those participating in Umkhosi Womhlanga, are angry. This episode creates the impression that some of them are lying about their virginity status. It also creates the impression that not every girl who passes the test is a virgin. It’s an insult, but we are still drafting our memorandum for a planned march,” said Ngobese.

    Ngobese explained that their aim is to try and build a better future for young girls by encouraging them to abstain from having sex before marriage.

    “But, this show is working against our efforts. It decreases the level of confidence in our maidens. It’s upsetting. There are a lot of things that the show can address, like crime and substance abuse, rather than tarnishing the image of our culture,” Ngobese added.

    However, according to Nomfundo Zondi who is the Stained Glass spokeswoman, they had not received any formal complaint.

    “We will be able to decide on how to address the issue once we receive it,” Zondi said.

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