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  • Woman from Gorilla Glue viral hair mishap stars on ‘Worst Cooks’

    Woman from Gorilla Glue viral hair mishap stars on ‘Worst Cooks’

    Tessica Brown’s social media attention has landed her a spot on Season 25 of the Food Network competition show that’s themed “Viral Sensations.”

    Tessica Brown gained notoriety in early 2022 by explaining on TikTok how she substituted Gorilla Glue for hair gel, and the social media attention has landed her a spot on Food Network’s “Worst Cooks in America.”

    A California doctor intervened with a surgical procedure that began returning Brown’s hair to its pre-adhesive condition after the Louisiana woman could not remove the glue, despite numerous attempts at home as well as salon treatments.

    According to NOLA.com, Brown is back to wearing her signature long braided ponytail as she competes on Season 25 of the popular Sunday night “Worst Cooks in America” competition — one that’s themed “Viral Sensations.”

    Tessica Brown
    Tessica Brown, the woman who went viral after using Gorilla Glue instead of hair-holding gel early last year, is competing on Season 25 of Food Network’s “Worst Cooks in America.” (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube.com/Inside Edition)

    “I want to learn how to cook because my grandma always said, ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,'” Brown said on the show’s Jan. 1 premiere, according to NOLA.com. “I want to learn how to really cook so I can really get me — I want a ring.” 

    The day-care provider and mother of five joined 11 other internet sensations who have little to no cooking experience on the gourmet boot camp competition show, hosted by TV chefs Anne Burrell and Darnell “SuperChef” Ferguson.

    Each week, Burrell and Ferguson guide the inexperienced cooks through fundamental culinary challenges before tasting and critiquing their creations, ultimately eliminating one contestant. The winner will receive $25,000.

    During Episode 1, the cooks got an hour to make their signature dish, with Brown deciding on shrimp linguine, glazed asparagus, and fried cod.

    “It needs its own ‘Worst Cooks in America’ episode,” Ferguson remarked of the meal, NOLA.com reported.

    In the episode’s main challenge, the lead chefs deemed Brown’s potatoes “a home run,” critiqued her Cornish hen for being “on the burned side” and called her asparagus a “strike out.”

    Episode 2 of the series aired Sunday, with the winner of each task earning a “follower,” the opportunity to spin the wheel and an advantage card they can use whenever they please. The recruit with the most followers at the end of the season receives a bonus incentive.

    The competitors designed rice bowls for the main dish challenge.

    Burrell claimed that Brown’s broccoli lacked sauce, her pork tenderloin could have used more searing, and the coconut cilantro rice lacked cilantro, a final critique that the inexperienced chef disputed.

    A 35-minute skills drill task focused on plant-based meals that required students to duplicate a veggie burger that the professional chefs first showed contestants how to cook. Brown took on a black bean and mushroom burger topped with American cheese, pickle, mayo, lettuce and tomatoes.

    “So my veggie burger is now a black bean milkshake,” she said of the soft, almost watery mixture. “How am I supposed to take this milkshake and make it a patty? Oh, my God. Anne is going to have a fit.”

    Burrell ultimately commented that Brown’s finished product was good but a little flat. The show host told Brown that she was “a strong, able, in-control lady, so show me her,” according to NOLA.com.

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