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  • Women’s Day: ‘Muvhango’ actresses inspire with powerhouse characters

    Women’s Day: ‘Muvhango’ actresses inspire with powerhouse characters

    Muvhango actresses Candy Magidimisa, Maumela Mahuwa, and Constance Sibiya share how their characters Susan, Hangwani, and Sharon have inspired them this Women’s Day.  

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    The fan-favourite Muvhango actresses Candy Magidimisa, Maumela Mahuwa, and Constance Sibiya are celebrating Women’s Day by paying homage to their characters Susan, Hangwani, and Sharon Mukwevho.  

    Maumela, who plays the character of Susan Mukwevho in the SABC2 soapie, told Daily Sun that her role went from being a housewife, and a nurse to a mayor.  

    Sibiya said her character Hangwani Mukwevho’s multiple strengths are what she loves about her role. The actress-pastor added that Hangwani’s dignity and motherly nature is truly inspirational.   

    While Magidimisa told the publication that Sharon’s complex emotions is intriguing as she started as a small character, a waiter who now transformed into the manager at Waterside and has intentions to own the restaurant.   

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    The actress-singer Maumela Mahuwa said:  

    “Susan is a helpful reminder that a woman doesn’t always have to have her life in complete order. I admire strong-willed women like Susan, who do not allow their circumstances to determine their future. Despite all the hurdles thrown her way in her marriage to a polygamous chief, she forged her way to be a professional nurse and gained confidence, stature, and courage.”  

    Pastor and actress Constance Sibiya told the publication:  

    “Vho-Hangwani is strong-willed and focused. I like the fact that she is blowing the lid off everything that people say about women married to royalty. She promotes ideals of female independence.”  

    Sibiya adds that although her character is married to Gizara, who is a member of the royal council, she is a strong and powerful woman who heads up her own business and never relies on a man to get the job done.   

    “I also love her strong maternal instincts.”  

    Talented actress Candy Magidimisa tells the People’s Paper:  

    “Sharon makes mistakes but always tries to learn from them. She isn’t immune to influence, but she has her thoughts and feelings about her world and the things that happen in it. While sometimes impulsive and susceptible to the manipulation of others, she is her own person.” 

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