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  • ‘Don’t let bad things happen to you’, Patricia de Lille tells SA’s women

    ‘Don’t let bad things happen to you’, Patricia de Lille tells SA’s women

    GOOD leader Patricia de Lille has delivered her remarks on Women’s Day 2022. However, some critics have interpreted her words in a rather negative manner. The senior politician told crowds on Tuesday that women ‘should not allow bad things to happen to them’.

    Patricia de Lille launched GOOD’s anti-GBV campaign in Langa on Tuesday – Photo: GOOD / Twitter

    Has Patricia de Lille ‘done a Bheki Cele’?

    Although Aunty Pat was addressing the ‘culture of silence’ around rape, sexual assaults, and violence perpetrated against females, her words have divided South Africans. Those in the GOOD Party have hailed the speech – but others were a little miffed by her delivery…

    Sticking to her guns, Patricia de Lille challenges women to ‘speak up’

    Despite a modest backlash, Patricia de Lille and GOOD are sticking by her words. She believes that more women must feel empowered to speak about abuse, ignoring silly notions such as ‘protecting family names’. The minister also lashed out at South Africa’s ‘patriarchal society’:

    “Women, let me tell you one message today that I live by every day. I believe that all the bad things that happen to us is because we allow it to happen. But from today we are saying to you, don’t shut up… speak up instead!”

    “We are part of a deeply patriarchal society and we need to change the culture. That starts with women breaking the silence. We can no longer keep quiet, just to protect the family name of because it is uncomfortable to speak out. Women must empower themselves.”

    Patricia de Lille

    ‘Stop with the cat-calling and offensive jokes’, men warned

    Patricia de Lille has also called upon every male in South African society to be the change the country needs to see. She threw the gauntlet down earlier, challenging men and boys of all ages to call out the close friends and relatives, if they are behaving inappropriately.

    “Every single man and boy can play a role to end GBV too. You can make a difference by not shutting up. You should speak out when you hear offensive comments, receive disrespectful images, or find yourself amongst cat-calling when ‘with the boys’.”

    Patricia de Lille

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