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  • ‘It’s Fyre Festival’ – Inside Qatar’s GRIM World Cup accommodation

    ‘It’s Fyre Festival’ – Inside Qatar’s GRIM World Cup accommodation

    No man. What is an actual World Cup doing in Qatar? It’s a question we’ve spent 12 years asking. The answer, for the most part, is ‘corruption’. But, now on the eve of the football tournament, this choice of host nation seems more incomprehensible than ever.

    Qatar World Cup: Why are we doing this?

    Thousands of migrant workers have died constructing the stadiums in this Gulf State. Women are still far, far away from having anything that even resembles ‘equal rights’. Meanwhile, being gay or trans is still considered a crime across the whole of Qatar.

    It’s chronic lack of footballing pedigree doesn’t help matters, either. All stadiums have been built within the last decade. After the 2022 World Cup is done, it’s likely they will never experience full-to-capacity crowds again, unless they’re somehow awarded another major tournament.

    God knows our own country isn’t perfect. When South Africa held the World Cup in 2010, questions were also asked. But in Mzansi, being yourself isn’t a crime. And, the last time we checked, sexuality or gender doesn’t render your entire existence a crime here.

    When does the 2022 World Cup start?

    Anyway, it all kicks-off on Sunday. Fans have started arriving in Doha and other gleaming cities, ready to partake in a tournament like no other. The less said about a mid-season World Cup the better, by the way. But it’s here. And once its underway, the football should do the talking.

    It should. But there’s just too much nonsense going on. We’ve known for a while that a World Cup in Qatar – the smallest nation to ever host this event – would present a myriad of logistical challenges. This week, a new one has emerged. And it concerns their sprawling fan villages.

    Almost $200 a night to stay in one of these things? Nah, we’re good – Photo: Supplied

    Fan accommodation in Qatar compared to Fyre Festival

    The parks can house tens of thousands of football fans travelling over for the tournament. But the accommodation and its aesthetic is laughable. Visitors will be cramped into tiny tents and shipping containers, and asked to pay around $180 / R3 500 for the privilege.

    One video of the camps has been uploaded online… prompting some Twitter users to compare it to Fyre Festival

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