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  • ‘Stay away from Sandton’: UK follows US to issue terror warning

    ‘Stay away from Sandton’: UK follows US to issue terror warning

    Despite the doubts of the South African Government, international intelligence agencies are taking the terror threat in Sandton very seriously. The UK has become the latest nation to warn its citizens about a possible attack in this part of Johannesburg.

    UK issues safety advice in wake of Sandton terror alert

    On Wednesday, the US Embassy took the unusual step of issuing an alert for a specific region of South Africa. The Greater Sandton area, it is reported, could be the target of a high-profile terrorist attack over the weekend of 29-30 October.

    The American delegation has warned its citizens to avoid large crowds and gatherings in Sandton, on both Saturday and Sunday. The Johannesburg Pride event was due to take place over the weekend, but there are doubts that this will now go ahead as planned.

    The Greater Sandton area is allegedly a new target for terrorists – Photo: Google Maps

    What has the US Embassy said about a possible terror attack?

    The US Embassy says its intel is credible. A terror attack on South Africa is not beyond the realms of possibility, either. In 2020, ISIS vowed to take revenge, after SANDF sent troops to battle Islamic insurgents in Mozambique. The infamous group are thought to be the source of this new threat.

    Last night, the SA Government and The Presidency both noted the terrorism alert, but also played down its significance. According to South African intelligence, they are yet to see any evidence of plot to wreak destruction across Sandton. Previous warnings have passed without incident.

    UK issues ‘stay away’ warning for Sandton

    However, the UK is firmly behind its long-term ally. In a statement shared by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on Thursday, Britain urged its citizens to ‘stay away from crowds in Sandton’ over the upcoming weekend. Officials here are refusing to take ANY chances.

    “The US Government has issued a security alert on 26 October. There is no further information regarding the timing, method, or target of the potential attack. The US Embassy advised staff to avoid crowds and other large public gatherings in the greater Sandton area of Johannesburg.”

    “You should stay away from crowds of people and other large public gatherings in the greater Sandton area of Johannesburg during the weekend of 29-30 October 2022… British citizens must remain vigilant” | UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office

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