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  • ‘This will give looters ideas’: Stage 6 fuels fears of MORE riots in SA

    ‘This will give looters ideas’: Stage 6 fuels fears of MORE riots in SA

    We’re truly in ‘the bad place’, here. Eskom have ensured that the next few days, possibly weeks, will be as miserable as they are dim, after Stage 6 power cuts were extended right through to Friday night. However, this extensive phase of load shedding is fuelling fears about more riots.

    There’s one basic principle these concerns are based on. When the lights go down, crime goes up. South Africa has years of evidence to back these claims up, as criminals feel more emboldened under the cover of darkness. Law enforcement expert Yusuf Abramjee explained this trend:

    “The indications are clear that criminals do strike more often during load shedding. This is due to the fact that there is more darkness for criminals to operate in, helping them make easy getaways.”

    “Criminals try their luck at every turn and load shedding gives them another opportunity, and we’re seeing a clear link between blackouts and increased criminal activity.”

    Yusuf Abramjee

    Crimes committed during load shedding ‘help worsen future outages’

    The sad thing is, load shedding perpetuates more load shedding – as a result of the criminal activity that takes place during these electricity outages. As highlighted by City Power this week, vandals and cable thieves use this down-time to strike at the heart of crucial infrastructure.

    “The recent ramped up bout of load shedding comes at the time when City Power was already overstretched by increase in capacity demand… due in part to rampant criminal activity Incidents of crime, like vandalism and cable theft, increase during load shedding – exacerbating a dire situation.”

    City Power

    Stage 6 latest: Could ‘vicious cycle’ eventually spark more riots in SA?

    With load shedding now reaching it’s ‘worst-ever’ level, can we therefore expect the threat of crime to increase? Riots are a significant step up from opportunistic offending… but an alleged instigator of last year’s looting and violence believes that SA is on the brink of a repeat performance.

    Jacob Zuma’s daughter, Duduzile, believes that Stage 6 cuts are likely to ‘give looters ideas’…

    Police ‘not prepared for future riots’ as a result of Stage 6 load shedding

    These fears are also being legitimately recognised by the DA. Andrew Whitfield is the Shadow Minister of Police, and he believes that SAPS are ‘completely unprepared’ for any potential riots in the near future. That doesn’t bode well for law enforcement officials…

    “From our engagements with the SAPS it is clear that they are completely unprepared for future violent unrest which might occur. SAPS members told us that they had received no additional resources since the violent unrest of July 2021 – one year after the riots broke out.”

    Andrew Whitfield

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