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  • “Our only crime is trying to put food on the table” – Liquor traders

    “Our only crime is trying to put food on the table” – Liquor traders

    On Monday morning, township liquor traders picketed outside the offices of the Western Cape Liquor Authority (WCLA) in Bellville.

    Non-compliant traders were issued fines and some had their licences revoked by the authority since the beginning of 2022. At the beginning of the year, the authority stated that automatic licence renewals for traders would be removed.

    Those who were found to be non-compliant would have to apply to renew their licences but complaint traders could go forth with the automatic renewal.

    The picket in Bellville

    Liquor consultant Thulani Pike read the memorandum in front of the impacted liquor sellers and the board. 

    “We have come to the (Western Cape) Liquor Authority to say enough is enough. For six years we have been engaging the authority, the provincial government and the racist City of Cape. Our only crime is trying to put food on the table for our children,”

    Pike said.

    Pike accused the WCLA of being funded by big retailers. Speaking about the fines some traders have received, he noted that the amount has increased from R5 000 to R35 000. Pike demanded a response from the authority in two days. Adding that they would act if the authority did not do so.

    IOL reports that Pike explained that in Mitchells Plan alone, 50 liquor traders have been shut down. He stated that they want to adhere to laws but not to ‘unjust laws’

    “There used to be a hearing before a fining; right now, that is not happening. They are running a kangaroo court,” said Pike.

    The liquor traders said they agree to adhere to laws just not ‘unjust laws’ Photo: TMcMacetas / Flickr

    Liquor traders in Cape Town planning SHUTDOWN – here’s why…

    Previously, it was reported that the liquor industry in Cape Town has vowed to go through with its own shutdown if they fail to come to an agreement with liquor board authorities. 

    On Tuesday, 23 August, liquor traders from a number of townships in the area met to discuss liquor law amendments. The traders believe that Section 64 of the Provincial Liquor Act may put them out of business in 2023.

    Section 64 states that liquor operators who have previously violated the law must go through a process to convince authorities why they should be allowed to trade. It was reported that these traders will be meeting with liquor board authorities next week. Read the full story here.

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