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  • Bookmark this: Ramaphosa says Stage 8 load shedding ‘won’t happen’

    Bookmark this: Ramaphosa says Stage 8 load shedding ‘won’t happen’

    We’ll hold you to that, Cyril. Just 24 hours after a leading energy analyst suggested that Stage 8 load shedding could soon become a possibility for South Africa, President Ramaphosa has moved to dismiss these claims.

    Will South Africa get Stage 8 load shedding?

    The ANC leader was speaking during presidential community imbizo in Carolina, Mpumalanga on Friday. When challenged about the possibility of power cuts far worse than anything South Africa has experienced already, Ramaphosa was bullish.

    “I don’t really believe that we will go up to Stage 8 load shedding. The management is doing everything that they can to ensure that they keep up with maintenance, we are still hopeful that we have management that got things under control.”

    “I think we will continue to have load shedding, but it will be a type of load shedding that they will warn everyone in advance as they try to keep lights on and the generation of electricity going on.”

    Cyril Ramaphosa

    ‘Door left open’ for Stage 8 load shedding

    His view, however, is at odds with both leading energy experts and members of his own Cabinet. Mike Roussow told eNCA on Thursday that Eskom is now ‘not in control’ of the load shedding situation, meaning that Stage 8 cuts ‘cannot be ruled out’.

    This echoes claims made by Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan at the start of the month. Although he rejected the idea that SA could find itself dealing with a ‘total and complete blackout’, the ANC stalwart left the door open for Stage 8 load shedding:

    “At all times, the main imperative is to avoid the total collapse of the grid. There are, therefore, internal plans to manage the power system that will allow the systems operator to implement up to Stage 8 load shedding – in order to protect the grid from total collapse.”

    Pravin Gordhan

    Ramaphosa takes public leap of faith for Eskom

    The worst power cuts ever experienced in South Africa occurred in December 2019, when we reached Stage 6 load shedding due to the ‘wet coal’ fiasco. The less said about that, the better. Stage 8 would plunge the country into darkness for 12 to 14 hours each day…

    • But Cyril Ramaphosa doesn’t think we will get to that point. Let’s bookmark this one, shall we?

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