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  • Diplomatic row: SA govt REJECTS Namibia’s ‘Ramaphosa robbery’ claims

    Diplomatic row: SA govt REJECTS Namibia’s ‘Ramaphosa robbery’ claims

    A sitting president, two feuding nations, and $4 million dollars hidden away in a remote farmhouse. The scandal currently engulfing Cyril Ramaphosa is only getting worse – and it has put South Africa on a collision course with Namibia.

    South Africa at loggerheads with Namibia over Ramaphosa robbery

    Namibian Police (Nampol) recently declared that one of the suspects who allegedly robbed Ramaphosa’s Phala Phala farm property had illegally crossed their border. David Imanuwela was duly arrested, after two government officials were caught helping him abscond to Windhoek.

    Despite keeping the man behind bars for MONTHS in 2020, the Namibian Judiciary were unable to fully prosecute Imanuwela. Nampol claim that they sent a request for mutual legal assistance to the South African Justice Ministry – but no reply had been received.

    Justice Minister rejects claims he ‘ignored’ Nampol request

    This has turned intense scrutiny towards Ronald Lamola, but the minister has hit back on Tuesday. He is adamant that there is ‘no official record’ of this request, categorically stating that his department were NEVER contacted about the farm robbery suspect.

    “The Ministry of Justice and Correctional Services has closely followed media reports and a statement by the Namibian Police Force (Nampol) concerning a request for mutual legal assistance, in respect of a suspect by the name of David Imanuwela.”

    “We can categorically state that, to date, there is no official record of this specific request.”

    SA Justice Minister Ronald Lamola

    Namibia police ‘unable to prosecute’ Ramaphosa robbery suspect – laying the blame with SA’s government

    Imanuwela is alleged to have helped himself to an enormous slice of the $4 million that was lying idle at Ramaphosa’s dwelling. Namibian authorities believe he tried to spend the cash quickly, investing in everything from luxury cars to a new Rolex watch.

    President Ramaphosa himself, meanwhile, could also be subject to a criminal probe. Not only did he fail to report the robbery to law enforcement authorities, but his concealment of a large amount of foreign currency could eventually be deemed ‘illegal’ by investigators.

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