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  • Eskom crisis: STAGE 4 load shedding confirmed for rest of weekend

    Eskom crisis: STAGE 4 load shedding confirmed for rest of weekend

    Things are going from bad to worse at Eskom. After a near-constant Stage 2 and confirmed acts of sabotage, Eskom has revealed that we will now be stuck with STAGE 4 load shedding for most of this weekend. From 1PM on Saturday, the country will move from Stage 2 to Stage 4.

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    Eskom announces Stage 4 load shedding

    #Loadshedding will be increased to Stage 4 from 13:00 until 22:00 tonight. #Stage4 load shedding will be implemented at 08:00 until 22:00 tomorrow night. Demand is higher than anticipated, some units have tripped.”

    Eskom said on Twitter

    On Friday night, Eskom had announced that it would implement Stage 2 load shedding over the weekend from 8AM to 10PM. The power utility explained that this would be done to preserve the current diesel stocks and “attempt to contain the amount of load shedding”.

    Well, it’s now certainly clear that Eskom is not able to contain these blackouts one bit.

    At the time of Stage 2 being planned for the weekend, almost 15 500MW of electricity was off the national grid due to breakdowns.

    A week of sabotage at Eskom

    Eskom confirmed two acts of sabotage at the Tutuka Power Station near Standerton, Mpumalanga this week.

    Eskom said a cable was severed at Tutuka Power Station while the station was finalising preparations to return Unit 5 to service.

    “The damage to the cable had the effect of delaying the unit’s return to service by three days as it took some time to locate the fault,” said the national power supplier.

    Once the cable was located it was quickly repaired. A few hours later, a station control air pressure drop was detected.

    “It was later discovered that the control air pipe supplying the Turbine systems had been cut with a power tool and the entire bend removed.”

    Eskom has laid criminal charges and insists that the incidents were sabotaged by people who had access to the station. The power utility’s forensic team is assisting police with their investigation.

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