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  • Huge ‘National Shutdown’ planned for SA next week – with the EFF’s backing

    Huge ‘National Shutdown’ planned for SA next week – with the EFF’s backing

    A major wave of protest is being planned across South Africa for the end of next week, after the EFF confirmed they would entertain the idea of a National Shutdown. The demonstrations would largely be city-based, rallying against the spiralling costs of fuel and other essential items.

    National Shutdown planned for South Africa – here are the details

    In a statement posted on Tuesday, the ferocious Red Berets lashed out at the petrol price increase. Despite the government’s extension of the fuel levy, the far-left party have not been placated, and will instead take to the streets alongside other National Shutdown organisers.

    “The EFF is convening a meeting to discuss how we respond to these rising prices. We will also consider engaging in a National Shutdown, until the cost of petrol is reduced. It is up to the Treasury to introduce measures which will immediately lower our fuel prices.”

    EFF statement, 31 May 2022

    Meanwhile, a former senior AfriForum official has found himself on the same side as the EFF. Ian Cameron, who now serves as a Community Safety Leader for Action Society, has mused that a National Shutdown could be ‘what is needed’ in South Africa.

    When will the proposed National Shutdown take place?

    Some of the leading voices behind the movement have called for a complete closure of schools and workplaces, encouraging workers to remain home indefinitely, until the petrol price actually comes down. They have identified Friday 10 June as their day of protest:

    Protest to receive EFF support – but will SA grind to a halt?

    Ryan Cummings is a director for Signal Risk. The group specialises in – yep, you guessed it – risk management, and Cummings himself is far from surprised that a protest movement is now emerging in South Africa. He believes that certain government policies have also stirred public discontent.

    “A National Shutdown was long in the making. Many African states are clamouring to ease the life of their citizens through the application of fuel subsidies, and the removal of import duties on foodstuffs. In SA, our govt was brazen enough to spend R22 million on a flag.”

    Ryan Cummings

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