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  • ICYMI – MORE people attacked by five VICIOUS pit bulls in Sherwood

    ICYMI – MORE people attacked by five VICIOUS pit bulls in Sherwood

    More people were attacked by the five vicious pit bulls in Sherwood, Gqeberha, on Friday afternoon.


    Police spokesperson Colonel Priscilla Naidu said notice had been issued for the dogs to be euthanized.

    “Thus far, two cases have been opened against the owners of five pit bulls who allegedly attacked the two complainants in Montrose Avenue in Sherwood on the weekend. A third case may be opened once the police have made contact with the alleged victim.”

    Colonel Priscilla Naidu

    Naidu said Anti-Animal Cruelty and the municipality visited the owners in Caledon Street in Sherwood on Tuesday.

    “A notice was served on the owners by the municipality to euthanize the dogs (male/female, who are the parents and the three sons). The owners have five days in which to comply with the notice.”

    Colonel Priscilla Naidu


    The South African was informed that the five dogs showed signs of suspected dog fighting, but this could not be confirmed yet.

    “We cannot confirm whether the dogs may have been used in fights.”

    This comes after a young father was VICIOUSLY attacked and mauled by the five pit bulls while waiting on his motorbike outside a complex.

    ICYMI - MORE people attacked by five vicious pit bulls in Sherwood
    Luke Hardwich in the hospital. Photo: Supplied

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    The young father, 27-year-old Luke Hardwich, who lives in Fairview, was attacked on Friday afternoon around 17:00.

    Luke was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment, and an urgent operation as one of the arteries in his arm was severed in the attack.

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    Several other people were also attacked on Friday afternoon.


    A young woman who prefers to remain anonymous was walking with her dog when the five pit bulls attacked her.

    ICYMI - MORE people attacked by five vicious pit bulls in Sherwood
    The baby chair Dewalt used to try to stop the dogs. Photo: Supplied

    “At about 16:30 Friday, I was busy walking my dog, and on the last stretch walking down Montrose street towards Riverstone road just before Montrose creeks, I spotted a brown dog on the left-hand side of the road, and as I approached, I picked up my dog just for incase.

    “All of a sudden, this brown dog charged across the road and jumped up against me to try and get to my dog, tried avoiding the dog, but then he just started biting. At one point, I fell to the ground, and he charged me, and that’s when I had put my arm up, and he bit my arm.”

    She said she screamed at the dog to get it away, but the dog kept on coming. The dog tried to bite her on her left bum cheek, thigh, and knee.

    “Then, all of a sudden, four other dogs came out of the long grass. With that, a car had stopped. The driver, Dewalt du Preez, told me to put my dog in his car, hoping the other dogs would relax if they couldn’t get to my dog, but they just kept coming.

    “Dewalt pulled a baby chair out of his car to try to stop the dogs but they still kept coming. Eventually, he told me to get into the car, and he would take me home.”


    The woman was bitten several times during the attack.

    More people attacked by five vicious pit bulls in Sherwood
    The injuries the woman sustained. Photos: Supplied


    “It breaks my heart that they might have to be put out. I am a big animal lover, but how those dogs were going on. I’ve never seen anything like that. They didn’t even growl or bark. They just attacked.”

    Dewalt said one of the dogs bit him on the leg during the attack, and he had to go to the hospital for stitches.

    Dewalt du Preez in hospital. Photos: Supplied

    “I can’t even sleep at night. What if I was 5 minutes late? That girl could have been dead with all those pitbull. What if I didn’t have any protection against those pit bulls? It could have been more than just a bite on my leg.”


    The owners of the dogs referred all questions related to the dogs to the police. He said he did offer and still intends to cover all medical bills incurred by the injured parties. The owners face three charges of keeping a ferocious dog. They have until Saturday to take the five pit bulls to a vet to be euthanized.

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    Luke Hardwich’s wife Caylin said the owner did offer to pay the hospital bills but up until now, he has not paid anything despite continuous communication.

    The family does not have medical aid and the hospital allegedly wanted a large sum of money before they could assist or treat Luke.

    The owner of the dog arrived at the hospital but did not pay anything towards the sum of money needed.


    “The owners said she does not have money. Our friends and family made a plan, and R46 000 was paid to the hospital to get Luke the treatment he needed,”

    Caylin said.

    She said the owner of the pit bulls later said she had gotten a loan to pay the hospital account but allegedly refused to pay it into Caylin’s account.

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