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  • Is that so? David Mabuza says the ANC ‘will NOT be voted out in 2024’

    Is that so? David Mabuza says the ANC ‘will NOT be voted out in 2024’

    David Mabuza may not be a betting man, but he’s certainly one for making bold predictions. Speaking during a memorial lecture on Thursday, the Deputy President declared that those who believe the ANC will be voted out of power in 2024 are ‘simply dreaming’.

    It’s one hell of a shout, considering that the ruling party took an absolute battering in the 2021 Local Elections. Voters abandoned the ANC in their droves, leaving the organisation with a vote share of under 50% – for the first time in South Africa’s democratic history.

    David Mabuza says ‘you are dreaming’ if you think the ANC will lose power in 2024… let’s see, shall we?

    Many feel that the sands are shifting, as South Africans look for meaningful change after almost 30 years of ANC rule. However, David Mabuza disagrees. Whether this is arrogance or confidence remains to be seen, but ‘The Cat’ himself believes his party have a few more lives left.

    He told the audience that it was ‘premature’ to write-off the ANC, stating that people are ‘yet to see that the party can self-correct’. David, mate… that’s essentially the point your critics are making.

    “Many people are talking about the burial of the ANC in 2024. I can hear them. Some opposition parties are talking about our death, that the ANC is about to die. I don’t believe that, this party still has a lot to offer.”

    “We are going to save the ANC. Those who are saying the ANC will be voted out of power, I think they are dreaming. We’re still yet to show them that this ANC can change, the ANC can self-correct, we know our mistakes, we are going to correct our mistakes.”

    David Mabuza

    Here’s how much support the ANC has lost

    You can take your pick from the litany of scandals and failures that have brought the ANC to this point. State capture, Bosasa corruption, poor service delivery, rampant unemployment levels, raging GBV rates, and various presidents getting caught-up in suspicious activity.

    That’s before we even mention the disaster of near-permanent load shedding, too. The recent Local Elections seemed like a tipping point, and an instant ANC recovery doesn’t look like a foregone conclusion at the minute, no matter what David Mabuza tells us.

    Election expert Dawie Scholz has highlighted how steep their vote-share decline was in 2021, after they were hammered in the metros:

    • Cape Town: 19% (-6%)
    • Johannesburg: 34% (-11%)
    • Tshwane: 35% (-6%)
    • Ekurhuleni: 38% (-11%)
    • Nelson Mandela Bay: 39% (-3%)
    • eThekwini: 42% (-17%)
    • Mangaung: 51% (-6%)
    • Buffalo City: 60% (zero change)
    • National: 46% (-8%)

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