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  • It’s a boy! Woman gives birth on the sidewalk in Centurion

    It’s a boy! Woman gives birth on the sidewalk in Centurion

    A woman on her way home from work got the shock of her life when she had to give birth on a sidewalk in Centurion. 


    On Wednesday afternoon at around 15:25, CERT-SA responded to a call for assistance in Rooihuiskraal where a 39-year-old woman had gone into labour while walking in the street.

    According to CERT spokesperson Ruan Heyns, when they arrived at the scene they found the woman laying on the sidewalk outside of a residential home.

    “We quickly established that she was in active labour. Members of the local community police forum were already in attendance and a female member comforted the patient,”

    “In no time the woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Initially, the baby was a little pale and was not crying but after some stimulation and supplemental oxygen, he became more active and his colour improved,”

    explained Heyns.

    Both mom and baby were transported to a nearby hospital in a stable condition, by Gauteng Emergency Medical Services Ambulance.  


    Wierdabrug CPF member Sonet Klopper said they received the call from one of the channels about a woman in distress, who looked like she was about to give birth.

    “I said to my husband let’s go help. The first thing that came to mind is to take a handful of towels. Luckily my husband and I are both first aiders, so have the basic knowledge. We were first on the scene apart from the bystander who called in. 

    “When we got there I could see the woman is in pain so I spoke to her to find out how is she doing, how far along is she and when is her due date, just the basic questions that one needs to know,”

    said Klopper.

    She further said when the woman had the first contraction she checked her phone, to monitor the contractions. 

    While helping the woman paramedics from CERT-SA arrived. Klopper helped Heyns with the delivery of the baby. 

    She said sector members and Monitor Net were at the scene and they helped cordon off the area with their cars to give the woman some privacy as she delivers.

    Klopper said this was the first time she assisted with delivering a baby. She said she has always had an interest in giving birth and has read a lot about it. 

    “When the call came through I  just had the opportunity to go and assist. It was as if it was second nature and I think being a woman it’s like you know what to expect and do,”

    said Klopper.

    Rooihuiskraal / The Reeds CPF – Wierdabrug Sector 2, Monitor Net, and Gauteng Emergency Medical Services were all thanked for their assistance on the scene. 

    The mother and baby boy are both doing well and healthy.

    A woman gave birth on the sidewalk in Centurion. Photo: CERT-SA

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