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  • Krugersdorp gang-rape: Charges dropped against ALL 14 suspects

    Krugersdorp gang-rape: Charges dropped against ALL 14 suspects

    Read it and weep. On Thursday, all 14 suspects in the Krugersdorp gang-rape case had a number of charges DROPPED against them. The cohort, who were strongly believed to be behind the heinous attack, are now only being processed for contravening the Immigration Act.

    “We have withdrawn the charges of rape and sexual assault against all 13 men and the minor, who were all charged for the incident that happened on 28 July 2022, where eight women were allegedly gang-raped while filming a music video at a mine dump in Krugersdorp.”

    NPA statement

    Why have the suspects had charges dropped against them?

    It means that 14 of the NPA’s top suspects will no longer be prosecuted for acts of rape or sexual assaul. This blows an enormous hole in the case. Earlier today, a spokesperson explained why these men were let ‘off the hook’ to face much more lenient charges.

    • The investigation conducted an identity parade, including these 14 suspects. However, the findings were inconclusive.
    • DNA samples taken from the scene of the crime don’t match ANY of those acquitted on Thursday.
    • As per NPA spokesperson Phindi Mjonodwane, it is now apparent that the authority ‘cannot proceed with a prosecution‘:

    “Upon consultation with the complainants in the matter and with all the evidential material that has been gathered so far, it become apparent we cannot proceed with the prosecution.”

    “We, as the NPA [National Prosecuting Authority], decided that since we are now aware we have insufficient evidence to continue with the case, it is upon us to requisition all the accused so that the charges can be withdrawn in court.” | Phindi Mjonondwane

    Krugersdorp gang-rape: Where do we go from here?

    The sheer depravity of the Krugersdorp gang rape left a scar on the psyche of many South Africans. The brutal attack took place in July. It shocked the nation. Multiple ‘zama-zamas’ performed acts of sexual violence on a film crew.

    Dozens of arrests followed in the week after the case was reported. However, what happened in Krugersdorp exposed a number of frailties in the South African justice system. Issues with the DNA backlog – and inappropriate comments made by the Police Minister – have marred the process.

    Alas, it has led us to this point. The NPA must return to square one if they are to secure justice for the eight woman who were brutally targeted. Despite arresting around 80 people in connection with the gang rape back in August, this marks a major setback for the prosecution.

    The vicious assault in Krugersdorp also drew a furious response from the President – Photo: Sagren M1 / Flickr

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