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  • Lindiwe Sisulu accused of ‘criminal act’ that could land her IN JAIL

    Lindiwe Sisulu accused of ‘criminal act’ that could land her IN JAIL

    Lindiwe Sisulu harbours hopes of replacing Cyril Ramaphosa as the ANC leader. But, according to her political opponents, the Tourism Minister will be lucky to keep herself out of jail before the upcoming Elective Conference.

    Tourism Minister accused of ‘breaking the law’

    Quite simply, Lindiwe Sisulu is accused of abandoning her Parliamentary duties. She has failed to attend a number of key sessions recently. However, things went up a notch this week, when she directly ignored a legal request to show-up for a tourism portfolio committee.

    • For the last four weeks, the portfolio committee has been requesting that Minister Sisulu attends its meetings.
    • Each time, she has been a no-show – and has failed to explain her whereabouts, or even apologise.
    • Last week, the portfolio committee resolved that it would summon Lindiwe Sisulu to appear.
    • However, she has defied this order – instead sending a senior legal counsel in her place.
    • The DA now believe she has committed a ‘criminal offence’ by ignoring the directive to appear.
    Lindiwe Sisulu has been accused of breaking the law by ignoring a Parliamentary summons – Photo: Twitter

    Could Lindiwe Sisulu be sent to jail?

    A failure to respond to a Parliamentary summons can be punishable by a hefty fine, or even worse, a maximum of 12 months behind bars. You may recall that Jacob Zuma was incarcerated when he failed to comply with a summons issued by the Zondo Commission.

    The DA’s Shadow Tourism Minister, Manny de Freitas, has asked Parliament to hold Lindiwe Sisulu ‘fully accountable’:

    “The situation is unprecedented as the failure by Sisulu to attend the committee meeting constitutes a criminal act. According to Section 55 of the constitution, the executive organs of state are accountable to parliament, and portfolio committees.”

    “As a result of the minister’s failure to appear before the committee, and in an attempt to first address every avenue at its disposal, the Portfolio Committee resolved to officially write to the Speaker of Parliament on this matter.”

    “The letter will request the speaker to hold the Minister accountable for her failure to respond to the summons and attend the portfolio committee meeting, as this also constitutes a criminal act which could lead to a fine and even imprisonment up to 12 months.” | Manny de Freitas

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