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  • LOOK: Toddler accidentally orders 31 cheeseburgers from mom’s phone

    LOOK: Toddler accidentally orders 31 cheeseburgers from mom’s phone

    There is no doubt online ordering has become the most convenient way for hassle-free food delivery, but it does have its downsides. A woman in Texas, United States (US) probably agrees: Her two-year-old son managed to purchase a whopping 31 cheeseburgers from McDonald’s using the food delivery service DoorDash, KXAN reports.


    Speaking to FOX , Kelsey Golden, the mother of Barrett, said her toddler likes playing with her cellphone. On this particular day, she was tasked with putting together the yearbook for her two eldest children’s elementary school, where she is employed. Golden says Barrett was playing with her cellphone, as he usually did, while she kept busy.

    Golden had activated the camera mode on her phone, which the toddler enjoyed. Little did she know that he had managed to run amok on her device. She said she had gotten used to using DoorDash to send McDonald’s over to her children’s elementary school, as opposed to making their lunch.

    So when she received a text message that day letting her know her order was running late, she didn’t think too much of it and informed the school, asking the administrator to make sure the kids get their Happy Meals. It wasn’t long before Golden said she received a text from her co-worker telling her the order never arrived and that in fact, her kids came to school with a packed lunch. 

    “And I was like, that’s weird. And then right after that, I got a knock on the door, and I go and answer it and it was this girl. She said, ‘Your 31 cheeseburgers?’ And I think I stared at her for this awkward 15 seconds because I was trying to process everything,” Golden said. 

    It wasn’t too long before she realised that little Barrett may have been responsible.

    But this apparently wasn’t the first time he pulled off something like this. When Barrett was one, Golden recalled having her phone on the armrest of her sofa and her son kept tapping the phone screen with his open hand. 

    “You know how on Facebook, it has friends you may know because they’re friends with your friends? So he was clicking on them, like adding all of them,” Golden said. 

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