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  • Mazzone says EFF ‘bribe uneducated voters’ – with FREE MEALS

    Mazzone says EFF ‘bribe uneducated voters’ – with FREE MEALS

    Oh dear. Shadow Minister Natasha Mazzone is being called out online, after she made a few contentious claims about EFF voters. After recently asking Julius Malema to explain his comments about ‘killing opponents’, the senior politician has now escalated things.

    Natasha Mazzone clashes with Julius Malema

    Speaking during an interview with BizNews, Natasha Mazzone ripped into Mr. Malema for remarks he had made in the Western Cape earlier this month. He stated that killing was a ‘necessary part’ of all revolutions, and urged his supporters ‘not to fear’ the concept.

    The speech has enraged a number of South Africans, and AfriForum are currently weighing up a legal challenge. However, Mazzone made her grievances public yesterday – but her phrasing has now landed the DA representative in some very hot water.

    EFF voters branded ‘uneducated’ by shadow minister

    She took a pot-shot at Malema, calling him a ‘fraud’ for holding socialist beliefs while living a life of luxury. Juju was also labelled a bully, and derided for acting like a big man. Alas, it was the dig at EFF supporters that left a rather sour taste.

    EFF leader Julius Malema has been accused of hypocrisy by the DA, following his trip to Ibiza – Photo: EFF / Twitter

    What did Natasha Mazzone say about EFF voters?

    Mazzone argued that some of those who attend EFF rallies are ‘highly uneducated’, and many of them only turn up ‘in exchange for a free meal’. The statement has infuriated several corners of the internet, and the Red Berets are expected to respond in due course.

    “It’s very easy to be brave in front of a crowd of your own supporters. No-one will stand up to you, you can act like a big man. Your supporters are highly uneducated and you’ve given them a healthy meal just to get them there. You think you have a power, in that respect.”

    “The only way to stand up to a bully is to bully them back. It’s time we told Julius Malema he is a fraud. The man has just been to Ibiza, showing off his DJ skills, wearing his Gucci outfits, going on yachts. The people he ‘supports’ cannot even dream of these luxuries.” | Natasha Mazzone

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