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  • Michigan man took Uber to rob bank and had driver wait to drop him off at home, police say

    Michigan man took Uber to rob bank and had driver wait to drop him off at home, police say

    Authorities in Michigan said a 42-year-old man took an Uber to a bank and had the driver wait for him as he robbed the financial institution. Following the robbery, the suspect, identified as Jason Christmas, took the same Uber back to his apartment, FOX 2 reported.

    Police said they went to Huntington Bank on November 17 after they received a report of a robbery. Police said the suspect who robbed the bank took an Uber to the establishment, adding that he told the driver to wait before he entered the bank to commit the alleged crime. Police also said the Uber driver did not know Christmas’ motive at the time of the incident. “This is a very unusual way to commit an armed robbery in our city,” Southfield Police Chief Elvin Barren said.

    Following the robbery, Christmas returned to his apartment with the same Uber. Police also eventually managed to locate and arrest him. The suspect’s arrest was also captured in bodycam footage. In the video, a police officer is heard asking Christmas if he had been shot after noticing he was stained with “red stuff.” The red stuff was said to be dye packs that had been added to the money the bank gave to him during the robbery. The red dye also stained the money that was given to the suspect. Police retrieved the stolen money from his pockets.

    Police managed to locate and pull the Uber driver over after they identified the vehicle’s plate on the bank’s surveillance video. The driver was, however, not involved in the robbery. He also did not know Christmas was holding up the bank, FOX 2 reported.

    “Anytime you get a ride-share, your identity is shared with the driver who in turn, can share with law enforcement,” said Barren. Police eventually pieced together the evidence and arrested Christmas outside his apartment. “He had the same clothes on as the robbery which was covered in red dye,” Barren said.

    Both the money as well as the backseat of the Uber driver’s car were stained with the red dye. And though Barren said they had not established the motive behind Christmas’ actions, he said these unlawful incidents occur around this time of the season.

    “There is a lot of anxiousness to buy gifts for your loved ones,” Barren said. “This is that time of year when individuals try to take advantage of our community and commit these types of crimes.”

    Christmas faces a bank robbery charge. His bond was also set at $500,000 cash. And as to why he decided to use an Uber for the robbery, authorities said Christmas’ license was suspended, and he had reservations about driving as a result.

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