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  • New petition challenges ban on Pitbulls

    New petition challenges ban on Pitbulls

    A new petition challenging the ban on Pitbulls is gaining momentum online.


    South Africa remains torn apart with regards to what needs to be done about the domestication of Pitbulls.

    Following vicious attacks by Pitbulls – mauling family members and other dogs to death, the Sizwe Kupelo Foundation came out to say they’ve had enough.

    The Sizwe Kupelo Foundation created a petition which has garnered over 40 000 signatures to get citizens to rally behind their call for Pitbulls to be banned as domestic animals in the country.

    Despite the promising campaign, a new petition has been started by pitbull lovers to counter Sizwe Kupelo Foundation cause.

    “As citizens of South Africa, we stand united against the ban on the Pitbull breed. We call on you to stop any plans to ban our right to share our lives with these loving pets.”

    Anthea Crook, founder of the new petition


    The new petition: Say no to the pitbull ban in South Africa, unpacked the reasons to counter the Foundation.

    “We have to stop the ban against this loving breed. As a Pitbull owner myself, I know there’s nothing wrong with these adorable dogs. On the contrary, it’s some owners who don’t treat them with the respect and love they need!”
    “So please sign this petition, and share it everywhere. Let’s show to our Government and the SA authorities that those of us who stand against the pitbull ban, are more than those who are supporting it,” Crook encouraged pitbull lovers.
    The new petition challenging the ban on Pitbulls currently sits with over 21 000 signatures which do not come close to the pro-advocacy campaign by the Sizwe Kupelo Foundation.


    The Sizwe Kupelo Foundation not only enjoys major support from the public but NSPCA as well.

    The NSPCA recently announced that it stands in solidarity with the Sizwe Kupelo Foundation for the protection of the people- especially the vulnerable, who are the most common victims of dog attacks. Although the NSPCAs mandate is the prevention of cruelty to animals and promoting good animal care – the NSPCA says it also values human lives.

    “Not only do people suffer from dog attacks, other animals have also been victim to dog attacks and have been mauled to death.”


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