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  • NSPCA to open case against ‘cruel’ KZN breeder for abusing 17 Pitbulls

    NSPCA to open case against ‘cruel’ KZN breeder for abusing 17 Pitbulls

    A Pitbull breeder in Pietermaritzburg is barking up the wrong tree. Sadly, according to the National Council of Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA), this comes at the expense of countless dogs.

    The organisation planned to lay animal cruelty charges against the breeder for shocking contraventions of the Animals Protection Act. Senior inspector Nazareth Appalsamy said the NSPCA would open a case at the Northdale police station on Monday.

    Breeder previously issued with a warning

    This was, however, not the case as inspectors work to finalise the case against the dog breeder since the NSPCA compiles its own dockets. Appalsamy said the cruelty of the callous dog breeder will come to light once the man appeared in court.

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    The inspector said the NSPCA’s best efforts to warn him about the contraventions during a prior inspection have fallen on deaf ears.

    “The NSPCA found him violating the Act again during a follow-up inspection. He surrendered only two of the 17 Pitbulls. The dogs displayed severe suffering from the stress of being locked in a cage indefinitely. A qualified veterinarian also attended the inspection.”

    Senior inspector Nazareth Appalsamy

    The society, which said breeders go to extreme lengths to hide the harsh realities of dog breeding, explained that the court will ultimately decide the fate of the remaining animals. But to ensure a favourable outcome for the canines, Appalsamy said the NSPCA will also incorporate denial of ownership in the docket.

    “We also intend to undertake follow-up inspections. Glossy adverts of cute puppies easily pull the wool over the public’s eyes. Unfortunately, people are blind to the horrible conditions in which breeders keep the parent dogs and puppies.”

    Senior inspector Nazareth Appalsamy

    Join the NSPCA ‘one million voices’ campaign

    Join the NSPCA A Million Voices fundraising campaign in support of its active involvement in improving the welfare of animals in South Africa.

    Imagine if a million people donated R1 a month, and that the R1 a month was your contribution to over R12 million a year? The possibilities, to say the least, are unimaginable.

    Help the NSPCA ask one million voices by asking your family and friends to join you in taking the pledge. Speak to your colleagues, send an email or a WhatsApp and chat about the pledge on Facebook and Twitter.

    Email [email protected] to let the animal welfare organisation know when you have made your donation. The NSPCA will send you a personal thank you letter acknowledging your kind consideration of animals.

    • All donors will receive a letter of heartfelt appreciation.
    • Business Donors will receive a Certificate of Appreciation.
    • A Section 18(A) Tax Certificate is available on request to South African taxpayers.

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