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  • On This Day: What happened on 03 July?

    On This Day: What happened on 03 July?

    Here’s a look at what happened on this day, 03 July, throughout history. We remember the news, events, and people that influenced the course of history forever.


    1996 | Stone of Scone was returned to Scotland on this day.

    1995 | Saint Kitts and the Nevis Labor Party won the general election and were reinstated after being in opposition for 15 years.

    1988 | United States Navy warship USS Vincennes shoots down an Iranian Air Flight 655 into the Persian Gulf and killed all 290 people on board.

    1988 | The Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey was completed, providing a second link between the European and Asian continents over the Bosphorus.

    1979 | US President Jimmy Carter signed the first secret aid package for opponents of the pro-Soviet government in Kabul.

    1952 | The SS United States began its first trip to Southampton. During the voyage, the ship took Blue Riband away from RMS Queen Mary.

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    1947 | American journalist and author, Dave Barry.

    1958 | Swiss-Canadian painter, Didier Mouron.

    1958 | Canadian-English journalist and academic, Matthew Fraser.

    1962 | American actor and director, Thomas Gibson.

    1956 | an American television host, actor, and motivational speaker, Montel Williams.


    2001 | American singer-songwriter and guitarist, Johnny Russell, 61

    2013 | Slovenian footballer and manager, Roman Bengez, 49

    1958 | First Viscount Bledisloe, English politician, fourth Governor-General of New Zealand, Charles Bathurst, 91.

    1995 | American tennis player, Pancho Gonzales, 67.

    2015 | American religious leader and educator, Boyd K. Packer, 91.



    2001 | Sol Campbell (Sulzeer Jeremiah Campbell) moves on a free transfer from Tottenham to near Arsenal on this day.


    2002 | On this day in the U.S. “Like Mike” was released on this day for the first time.


    The highest peak of Cape Verde is Pico do Fogo rising to 2 829 meters (9 281 ft) above sea level.

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