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  • On This Day: What happened on 31 May?

    On This Day: What happened on 31 May?

    Here’s a look at what happened on this day, 31 May, throughout history. We remember the news, events, and people that influenced the course of history forever.


    2019 | A public utility worker opened fire inside a municipal building at Virginia Beach, US, 12 people were killed, including the shooter, and wounded six others.

    2017 | A car bomb exploded in a crowded intersection in Kabul near the German embassy during rush hour, over 90 were killed and injured 463.

    2013 |  A tornado that broke the 2.6-mile-wide record hit El Reno, Oklahoma, USA, killing eight people and injuring more than 150.

    2010 | Israeli Shayetet 13 commanders boarded the Gaza Freedom Flotilla while still in international waters trying to break the ongoing Gaza Strip; Nine Turkish nationals on the flotilla were killed in the ensuing violence.

    2008 | Usain Bolt broke the world record in the 100m sprint, with a wind-legal (+1.7 m/s) 9.72 seconds

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    1959 | Italian racing driver, Andrea de Cesaris, died in 2014.

    1964 | Japanese politician, Japanese Minister for Foreign Affairs, Yukio Edano 

    1943 | American football player, sportscaster, and actor, Joe Namath 

    1940 | American illustrator, Gilbert Shelton.

    1948 | American lieutenant, lawyer, and politician, Duncan Hunter.


    1978 | Hungarian footballer and manager, József Bozsik, 53.

    2010 | Argentinian singer-songwriter and bandoneón player, Rubén Juárez, 63.

    2014 | Baroness Soames, English author, Mary Soames, 92.

    2004 | American guitarist, Robert Quine, 63.

    2014 | American race car driver, Hoss Ellington, 79.


    1980 | On this day, Brighton’s Peter Ward made his first and last England appearance as an 85th-minute substitute against Australia in Sydney.


    2013 | A film directed by Louis Leterrier “Now You See Me” was premiered on this day in New York City.


    The largest wetland in Africa and one of the largest tropical wetlands in the world is in Sudan which is Sudd.

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