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  • Pretoria’s loved club – Weiveld – shuts its doors for good

    Pretoria’s loved club – Weiveld – shuts its doors for good

    Pretoria residents were shocked to hear the news that the Weiveld club in Zwavelpoort, Pretoria has closed down permanently.

    This comes after a resident in the area complained about the noise from the club.


    Several residents have expressed their shock and sadness regarding the closure of the club.

    The club is popularly known for live music performances and Langarm dance. It firs opened its doors in 2015.

    Community members have been called to start a petition in support of the club so it can open its doors again.

    Many have described Weiveld as one of the few places where people can safely go socialise, relax and get away from all the other challenges of the week and in the world.


    Pieter Von Wielligh said on the restaurant’s page: “Weiveld is one of the few venues that looked incredibly good at the artists, crew, staff members, security people and every other person who worked in front and behind the scenes to provide a legendary experience for the people of Pretoria.

    “I feel especially sad for all the amazing artists who just started getting back on their feet after the whole entertainment industry was in limbo for two years due to Covid. It was a privilege to be able to work with everyone at Weiveld and to be able to capture some of these good times in photo moments. We look forward to and 110% support every new chapter that the Weiveld and Bronberg team will bring. Long live live music and the Weiveld family!”

    added Von Wielligh.

    Johan Vlooi Van Greune said: “People are so full of it. I hope the moaner is happy now. Even in this world that is already upside-down, people still want to complain and ruin people’s lives further. The wheel is turning sir!”

    Altie Clark said: “We live only 1km from Weiveld and always heard music but it was nice. We always joked that we could just stand outside and hang out together. I have an idea who is responsible and it’s a pity they did not approach other people in the area. Really think this is the absolute minority who were unhappy.”


    The club on its social media has since announced its closure. They confirmed that the closure is due to a noise complaint by a neighbour.

    Furthermore, performances that were scheduled to take place at the club have been cancelled.

    The club has also thanked the community for their support over the years.

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