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  • Road trip anthem campaign launched by Kia South Africa

    Road trip anthem campaign launched by Kia South Africa

    17 November 2022: For the past 24 years, Kia South Africa has been a part of the unique journeys that see South Africans moving across the country. Whether it is travelling to visit family during the festive season, the daily school run or a trip to the grocery store, our daily commutes are always inspired by the people we’re with, the places we explore, and the memories made along the way. Road trip anthems become a staple of these trips.

    As a brand in tune with the South African way of life, Kia understands how and why we move. Capturing the essence of the unique ways in which South Africans move, the #KiaTsamaya campaign is launched with an emotive music video, a uniquely local expression of how we travel, underpinned by a modern folk song.

    “In Setswana, Sesotho and Sepedi there are the words “kea” and “ke ya” which sound like Kia and interestingly, they relate to movement and travel,” comments Stephen Crosse, Sales & Marketing Director of Kia South Africa. “We found the sonic similarity between the words, coupled with our nation’s history of migration to be an authentic and unexpected opportunity to connect with South Africans through music in a meaningful way.”

    Road trip anthem campaign

    The Kia Tsamaya anthem expresses the notion of going away, alone and together, and finding inspiration in the places we go to and the shared experiences. While it’s a boldly South African campaign, the inspiration behind it remains true to Kia’s global brand slogan, Movement that inspires.

    “Movement has always been a part of Kia’s DNA and will remain so even though the way in which we move may change over time,” comments Christo Valentyn, Kia South Africa’s Head of Marketing. “At its core, movement creates the space to find inspiration in new experiences, to find fresh perspectives. When we change our perspective, we can change our world for the better.” 

    Created by lauded film composer Zethu Mashika, the catchy song is a nod to the 80’s – an instrumental composition which has a distinctly old school feel, with a fresh twist; even though it is new, it feels like you have heard it a million times. While we all travel for different reasons, we can share in the familiarity of songs sung in unison, the reassuring hum that fills the silence on a long stretch of road and the unforgettable echoes that call back memories of home.

    Following the journeys of a diverse group of characters, the #KiaTsamaya music video, directed by Matshepo Maja, delicately portrays a myriad of human truths. There is a family travelling to a coming-of-age ceremony, a solo woman taking her brand-new car home to celebrate the fruits of her labour, a couple from the LGBTQI+ community braving possible rejection, glimpses of a father and son – with camping trailer in tow – as they break away on a bonding trip, and a group of friends heading to the coast with surfboards stacked high. These rich stories are explored in a relatable way, and while some are implied and others unequivocally told, there is a feeling of familiarity in these distinctly local scenes and memories yet to be made.

    Through a nostalgic visual treatment, sweeping views of urban and rural landscapes are interspersed with scenic pitstops, paths crossed and intimate moments. We are offered a sense of the freedom, togetherness, and celebration that only a road trip in a Kia on South African soil allows.

    “As a nation we are always on the move, and by nature we relish the stops along the way to explore, greet unfamiliar faces and to forge deeper bonds with those closest to us. The Kia Tsamaya anthem offers a vehicle for connection, a song sheet for celebration and a melody that moves us towards the unlimited possibilities held by the road ahead,” concludes Gary Scott, CEO of Kia South Africa.

    #KiaTsamaya is the spirit of Kia. As a brand that believes movement is at the genesis of human development, Kia enables progress by providing innovative in-car spaces, exciting new products and meaningful, convenient services. Allow yourself to be inspired and make every journey a #KiaTsamaya journey.

    Join the movement at www.kiatsamaya.co.za

    Ahare your road trip anthems with us in the comments.

    Posted by Kia South Africa on Motorpress

    For more local automotive news that makes driving fun, check out our lifestyle motoring page and remember to comment with your road trip songs.

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