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  • SANParks official faces disciplinary action for reckless driving at KNP [WATCH]

    SANParks official faces disciplinary action for reckless driving at KNP [WATCH]

    A video circulating on social media of a SANPark official almost driving over lions and cubs in the Kruger National park has the public fuming.

    In the video shared by Africa Adventures on YouTube, the official can be seen trying to avoid the convoy of tourists during a lion sighting and driving towards the lions, almost running them over. 


    The incident took place on Sunday 29 May 2022 around 06:46 according to Africa Adventures. 

    “The lion pride was walking down the road (H1-3 between the N’wanetsi Bridge and the H6 turn off) followed by their normal entourage of tourists when a hasty ‘Park Official?’ came weaving through the traffic,”

    according to Africa Adventures.

    SANParks has since strongly condemned the behaviour of the official for driving recklessly at a lion sighting.

    “The behaviour is not only unacceptable but also not in line with SANParks’ protocols at sightings in the park. This kind of conduct by employees or visitors is not encouraged,”

    SANParks said in a statement.

    Disciplinary action will be taken against the official following an internal investigation. 

    Moreover, SANParks has encouraged those who witnessed the unfortunate incident to contact the Communication and Marketing, to give a statement. 

    SANParks Management further thanked members of the public for bringing this matter to our attention.

    Video: Africa Adventures


    • Always keep to the speed limit: 50 km/h on tarred roads and 40 km/h on gravel roads, but slower is better
    • When you come across a sighting, slowly pull over on the side of the road closest to the animal, but keep a safe distance
    • If there are animals on the road, immediately stop at least 20 m from them
    • The lane furthest from the sighting should never be blocked so that others can pass if they want to
    • Don’t linger longer than a few minutes at a sighting, so that others can view it too
    • Never go off the designated roads
    • Never climb out of your vehicle during a drive, or hang out of your car windows or sunroof
    • Don’t hoot or blare loud music
    • Avoid driving into vegetation, as this could damage the environment or kill small animals
    • During night drives, never shine a spotlight directly into animals’ eyes
    • Never make noise to get animals to move, stand up or otherwise react for pictures
    • Respect the rangers, and always comply with their requests or instructions

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