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  • South Africa: Today’s latest news and headlines, Thursday 15 September 2022

    South Africa: Today’s latest news and headlines, Thursday 15 September 2022

    We’ve got all the latest news stories and headlines in South Africa you really need to know on Thursday, 15 September 2022.

    Rescue teams are still busy in Jagersfontein after the devastation has killed, injured, and displaced hundreds of animals.

    A domestic worker from Zimbabwe was allegedly used as a sex slave by members of a family she worked for in Pretoria and was later dismissed.

    In more tragic news, police said the body of a baby was found in a cooler bag on Hartenbos beach.

    A man from Muizenberg has been left shellshocked after a local Engen garage charged him R2 273-PER-LITRE for his petrol.

    Some will jump for joy – and others will slump in despair – when they cast their eyes on the latest forecast for October fuel prices in SA.

    Stage 4 load shedding will be implemented throughout Thursday and Friday, said Eskom, after two more generation units broke down.

    TODAY’S LATEST NEWS IN SOUTH AFRICA, Thursday, 15 September

    WATCH: Hundreds of animals KILLED and injured in Jagersfontein disaster

    Rescue teams are still busy in Jagersfontein after hundreds of animals have been killed, injured, and displaced by the devastation. 

    A dam wall at Jagersfontein diamond mine collapsed on 11 September 2022. Three people have been confirmed dead, and four, including a pregnant woman, are in critical condition. Twenty-eight others were injured while several houses were swept away.

    South Africa: Today’s latest news and headlines, Thursday 15 September 2022
    Hundreds of animals have been killed, injured and displaced in the devastation caused by the recent Jagersfontein disaster. Photo: Facebook/Bloemfontein SPCA

    “Words fail to describe exactly the crisis unfolding in front of our eyes. 

    “Team Bloemfontein SPCA already left in the early hours of Sunday morning to Jagersfontein, where a wall of a Mine dam collapsed. Nothing could really prepare us for the tragedy that took place. We were joined by Virginia SPCA and Kimberley SPCA. 

    “So many people and animals were unable to escape the force of the mud and water that overwhelmed the small community in a matter of seconds.”

    said Reinet Meyer Senior Inspector en Manager of the Bloemfontein SPCA.

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    Zim domestic worker used as sex slave, exploited and dismissed

    The United Domestic Workers of South Africa (UDWOSA) has revealed shocking allegations of the lived horrors of sexual harassment, sexual abuse and super-exploitation of a migrant domestic worker by her employers.

    Members of the family the migrant worker was working for allegedly used her as a slave and an object for their sexual pleasures. They also allegedly overworked her from Monday to Sunday including public holidays and underpaid her.

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    Body of BABY found in cooler bag on Hartenbos beach

    The body of a baby was found in a cooler bag on Hartenbos beach on Tuesday morning.

    According to police spokesperson Warrant Officer Kappie Kapp, an inquest docket is being investigated after the body of a baby was found concealed in a cooler box, washed out on the beach at Hartenbos River mouth.

    “This unfortunate discovery was made at 09:20 by a local resident while she was walking on the beach. Police were contacted, and all the remedies to their disposal were immediately activated.”

    Warrant Officer Kappie Kapp

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    October fuel prices: Do you want the good news, or bad news?

    After looking at the latest update for the forecasted October fuel prices, it all felt a bit like celebrating a goal that has been ruled out by VAR: Initially, there’s some joy – but then we are hit by a rather sobering realisation.

    Do you want the good news, or the bad news? Here’s both…

    Based on the latest data from the Central Energy Fund, it looks like petrol consumers are on for yet another significant decrease in costs. With the value of oil slumping and the Rand holding its own in the international currency markets, the picture is largely rosy for millions of South Africans.

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    Stage 4 load shedding extended into weekend due to further breakdowns

    Eskom announced that Stage 4 load shedding, which was supposed to come to an end tomorrow morning, would continue throughout Thursday and Friday, 16 September, after further breakdowns.

    “The extension of Stage 4 load shedding is required due to further breakdowns of a generation unit each at Kendal and Majuba this morning due to boiler tube leaks,” said the embattled power supplier.

    Three generating units each went down at Kendal and Tutuka power stations over the past few days and there has been a delay in returning units to service at Camden Power Station, which is adding to Eskom’s woes.

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    Cape Town man pays R120k for full tank of petrol at Engen!

    We know petrol prices are extortionately high at the moment – but we really do draw the line at having to remortgage our houses just to fill-up. An Engen customer from the suburbs of Cape Town was left horrified, when he was billed 100 times OVER the amount he should have paid.

    Filling his car up with 52 litres of petrol, Sebastian Santino De Allende was expecting to pay R1 200, plus a reasonable tip for the cashier. However, once he reviewed his receipt, the motorist noticed that something had gone dreadfully wrong…

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