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  • Stellenbosch professor compares white students to ‘urinating dogs’

    Stellenbosch professor compares white students to ‘urinating dogs’

    Ooft, we’ve got an almighty row on our hands here. An esteemed professor at Stellenbosch University has caused a stir online, after he suggested that white students at universities in South Africa ‘were just like dogs’. His remarks were made in relation to recent urination scandals.

    Stellenbosch University was recently rocked by a urination scandal – Image via Flickr / Carton

    Stellenbosch urination scandal prompts harsh words from top professor

    Several campuses, including Stellies, have received reports of white students weeing on their black counterparts. The incidents are isolated, but there’s enough incandescence for people like Professor Jansen to draw parallels.

    Ahead of penning a column, he revealed to his Twitter followers what he’d be writing about this week. He argues that some white students are ‘acting like dogs’, by marking their territory with urine to challenge ‘black incursions’ in certain spaces. Eish, he’s pulling no punches here.

    “Just like dogs use urine to mark their territory and anxiety, white male students at the University of Free State – and now at Stellenbosch University – use the same strategy to protest black incursion into their space.” | Professor Jonathan Jansen

    White students accused of ‘animalistic’ behaviour – but not everyone agrees with the terminology

    However, the statement has proved to be a lightning rod for controversy. The reaction online has been mixed, to say the least. However, things took a very political turn when a DA shadow minister decided to share his two cents’ worth.

    Leon Schreiber has accused the senior academic of ‘outright racism’, by allegedly generalising all white students.

    In the wake of a recent report into racially-aggravated bullying at Stellenbosch University, Schreiber openly pondered if the institution would also ‘hold Professor Jansen to account’:

    “What an utterly and repulsively racist generalisation. Will there be a commission into this racism by a prominent staff member from Stellenbosch University? It seems the Khampepe report has completely normalised this vile racism.” | Leon Schreiber

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