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  • Taking the p***: Fan urinates in keeper’s bottle, stopper sees red

    Taking the p***: Fan urinates in keeper’s bottle, stopper sees red

    So let’s get this straight, a fan urinates in a goalkeeper’s water bottle and the referee then goes and sends the stopper off!

    In an FA Trophy match featuring Guiseley AFC and Warrington Town, a home fan hopped the guard rail and interfered with the drink of goalkeeper Tony Thompson.

    Warrington goalkeeper sent off after fan urinates in his bottle

    The fan is alleged to have placed a bottle, which looked similar to the one Thompson used, in the keeper’s net.

    The fan was video urinating in said bottle and when the player discovered the prank, he threw the bottle at the fan.

    Seeing this the officials sent Thompson off in an incident that left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

    What time is the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony?


    Responding to the incident, Warrington Boss Mark Beesley was incensed.

    “I don’t think I’ll ever be involved in anything like that again,” said Beesley according to the Daily Mail.

    “The Guiseley staff apologised – it was disgusting and there’s no place in life for things like that.

    “I think the referee has completely lost control after that – if someone urinates in my bottle and I drink it, I’m going to throw it away. To send him off for throwing the bottle away is a disgrace.

    “It’s hard to talk about the football when such a big incident like that happens.

    “From our point of view, the welfare of our players is paramount and what Tony was subjected to was disgraceful.

    “Whoever did it should hang their head in shame and never be allowed into a football game again.

    “The referee has to see common sense – I can’t understand it.”

    A fan urniates in Warrington Town goalkeeper Tony Thompson’s water bottle and he gets sent off? Photo: Shutterstock.

    Thompson loses the love of the game

    Thompson commented on the incident in a Twitter post after the match.

    “Today I fell out of love with the GAME! I’ve been called many names but for someone to p*** in my bottle, for me to drink it and then to be told I wasn’t allowed to react because I’m a player is outrageous. 

    “That person has put me my family’s health at risk and knocked me sick.”

    Urinating fan ejected

    The fan was removed from the ground but it is not clear if further action will be taken against them.

    Likewise, the 1-0 win for Guiseley AFC might also be reviewed.

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