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  • This ‘popular drug craze’ is TERRORISING locals in KZN…

    This ‘popular drug craze’ is TERRORISING locals in KZN…

    A popular drug craze is making life miserable for some residents in KZN, it has been revealed. A statement from Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) was shared on Sunday, after they discovered THOUSANDS of bottles of cough syrup under a bridge in Verulam.

    Cough syrup trend: RUSA lament ‘drug craze’ in KZN…

    The bottles were found under bridges on Todd Street, on unused railway lines near Groom Street, and in drains along the R102 Southbound lanes near the town centre. So, what’s it all about?

    Drug abusers are now consuming cough syrup at an alarming rate, as this gives them a very cheap and accessible route to get high. These mixtures can be purchased from pharmacies and clinics, requiring little-to-no verification for customers.

    This craze has been well-documented in America over the past few years, and it would appear that the trend has been imported to our shores. RUSA officials say that the area where the bottles were found is ‘frequently used by addicts’, and ‘suspects sought for robberies and stabbings’.

    Crooks, junkies find a new way to get their kicks in Verulam

    This cough syrup abuse is fuelling crime, pollution, and ‘affordable addictions’ in KZN. That’s why SAPS in Verulam are now teaming up with local security firms, in order to conduct operations that will severely limit this type of criminal activity.

    “In an attempt to apprehended wanted suspects that were terrorising locals, officers of Reaction Unit South Africa have discovered several thousands of empty cough syrup bottles in areas frequented by drug users.”

    “When Reaction Officers made enquiries at local pharmacies, they were informed that these bottles of cough mixtures where purchased cheaply as over the counter (OTC) drugs.”

    “These cough syrups contain Dextromethorphan, which replaces codeine in over the counter cold and flu medication. This drug is dangerous, and has become the target of abuse by drug users. It’s an easy and cheap way of getting high.”

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