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  • UIF: Here’s you need what to apply for this financial relief benefit

    UIF: Here’s you need what to apply for this financial relief benefit

    Life is filled with uncertainties and losing a job is always possibility, especially if you’re living in South Africa. According to Statistics South Africa, the country’s unemployment rate was recorded at 33.9% in the second quarter of 2022.

    Despite all this, help is certainly available through Department of Labour’s Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), which offers contributors short-term financial relief.

    The UIF is processing and paying claims of former Educator Assistants in Utrecht under , as part of the build activities for the Imbizo scheduled for 24 November 2022. Image: Department of employment and labour / Twitter.

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    Job losses are usually attributed to contract terminations, illnesses, retrenchments and dismissals, amongst other reasons. And if you happen to become unemployed and you are registered for UIF by your employer, the following documents are all you need to apply for the short-term financial relief.

    UI-19 form

    The UI-19 form details the employment history and current employment status of employees. The form also indicates an employee’s monthly salary, total hours worked in a month and indicate the reason for the job loss.

    There is some confusion about who should fill out the UI-19 form for application and claiming of UIF benefits. However, in most cases, the UI-19 form needs to be filled out by your employer for consideration by the Department of Labour.

    UI-2.8 form

    The UI-2.8 form is a document with the banking details of the applying employee. There are two sections on the form — one to be completed by the claims officer and the other by a bank official.

    Applicants will not be held liable for any false, incorrect or incomplete information supplied by the bank official, according to the UI-2.8 form disclaimer. And just like the UI-19 form, the UI-2.8 will need to be signed by both parties involved and reflect a clear bank stamp.

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    Salary schedule

    The salary schedule document contains the personal information of the employee, such as a name and an ID number. It further highlights employment start and end dates, income per week or per month and if the employee is a contributor for UIF. It is filled out, signed and dated by your employer.

    Copy of your ID

    For South Africans, the green identity (ID) book or smart ID card is required by the Department of Labour to process your application. If using the smart ID card, the applicant will need to print the card on both sides, according to the Department of Labour’s UIF filling officials.

    Additional documents that may be required:

    • Letter or certificate of service
    • UI-2.1 Form

    UIF applications can be made through the Department of Labour offices countrywide or through the department’s free online site. Once applied, a case number will be issued to the applicant for future use and follow ups with the department.

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