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  • Watch: Free State Mayor ‘told to RESIGN’ – following his K-word slur!

    Watch: Free State Mayor ‘told to RESIGN’ – following his K-word slur!

    Moqhaka Local Municipality Executive Mayor, Motloheloa Mokatsane, has found himself at the centre of an almighty controversy on Tuesday – after he used the K-word during a bizarre speech to local community members in Free State.

    Mayor in Free State refers to black citizens ‘by using the K-word’

    Mokatsane was talking to his constituents in about crime levels in the area, and recent incidents of Gender Based Violence (GBV). In conveying his frustration, The Mayor stated that some locals ‘were born to commit crime’, given their socio-economic status.

    Except, he didn’t exactly phrase it that way. Instead, he referred to black criminals by using the K-word. The crowd that had gathered to listen to his speech were audibly shocked. Some people murmured disbelievingly, while others shook their heads.

    Motloheloa Mokatsane sparks uproar with liberal use of the K-word

    Mokatsane followed up this K-bomb by asking if he could ‘put his statement in a better way’. Well, we suppose there was no worse way…

    “Crime is what we were born to do as k*****s… [audience murmuring] – Let me put it in a better way. We as black people are violent because we suffer violence on a daily basis. That is why I use this word, because it’s a reality we face every day.”

    Moqhaka Municipality Mayor, Motloheloa Mokatsane, suffers a foot-in-mouth moment during talks with his constituents on Tuesday 24 May

    WATCH: Local Mayor draws groans from the audience – by using racial slur

    The Mayor has since attempted to further clarify his viewpoint. A spokesperson has since argued that Mr. Mokatsane was ‘only using a figure of speech’, and in a recently published statement, he has moved to ‘fully retract’ his use of the K-word during the public briefing.

    Local EFF forces call upon Motloheloa Mokatsane to RESIGN

    The apology doesn’t go far enough for some people, though. The EFF’s Fezile Dabi branch has rejected the remorseful statement, and they are now asking for the man in charge of Moqhaka to ‘do the honourable thing’ and resign…

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