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  • WATCH: Man proposes at Disneyland, ring gets SNATCHED

    WATCH: Man proposes at Disneyland, ring gets SNATCHED

    Disneyland may be known as the “happiest place on earth,” but for one couple, their getaway to the world-famous theme park has been tainted. The couple had taken a trip to Disneyland in Paris, France, where the boyfriend had planned on proposing to his girlfriend, but that didn’t go so well.

    In a clip that has since gone viral on social media, the man is seeing going down on one knee on an elevated platform in front of a large crowd. He is then interrupted by a Disney employee in Mickey Mouse ears who rushes over to them and snatches the engagement ring box out of his hand, before scurrying down the stairs.

    The staffer then ushers the confused couple down the stairs. The boyfriend then says, “She said, ‘yes,’.” The Disneyland employee responds: “Yes, that’s great, but over here will be even better,” as he motions to the girl to come down.


    After some backlash from visitors and online, Disneyland has issued an apology to the couple for interrupting their proposal.

    “We regret how this was handled. We have apologized to the couple involved and offered to make it right,” Disneyland Paris said in a statement sent to Newsweek.

    In 2018, a man accused Disney in Orland, Florida (US), of interrupting his marriage proposal and tool the company to court. In October 2015, 57-year-old Marc Rubin, flew with his girlfriend from New York to the theme park, where he was planning to propose in front of Cinderella’s castle at Magic Kingdom. But an employee told him his proposal location was in the way of an incoming parade route.

    The female Disney employee claimed Rubin then grabbed her shirt, yelled at her and threatened to punch her. Rubin pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct and was fined $100 (more than R1,500). But he continued with his suit, suing Walt Disney Parks and Resorts for more than $15,000 (over R233,000) for false arrest and negligence. He claimed Disney falsely accused him of battery during the incident.

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