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  • WATCH: Tshwane ANC councillors assault Speaker at council meeting

    WATCH: Tshwane ANC councillors assault Speaker at council meeting

    The City of Tshwane will be laying criminal charges against ANC councillors behind the assault of the Council Speaker. In the continuation of a council meeting on Tuesday, the meeting ended up in a physical attack by ANC councillors.


    The continuation of the council meeting on Tuesday was disrupted by a scuffle and violence from aggressive ANC councillors.

    Speaker of Council, Congress of the People (COPE) member Murunwa Makwarela was on the receiving end of the attack. The ANC got riled up when the City tried to pass a resolution to secure a short-term credit loan.

    “Despite numerous attempts to bring calm and order, the Speaker was violently assaulted by ANC councillors who can be seen in various video footage physically attacking the Speaker while members of the coalition attempted to defend him,” Tshwane mayoral spokesperson Sipho Stuurman said.

    The attack did not end there. According to Stuurman, once the Speaker announced that the meeting would continue virtually, he faced further assault.

    “He was repeatedly hit in the head and back while he sought to leave the chamber.”

    Sipho Stuurman

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    The multiparty coalition government will be laying criminal charges against the identified ANC councillors behind the violent assault.

    “The relevant ANC councillors have been identified and criminal charges will be laid against them. This is clearly not the behaviour of councillors – it is the behaviour of violent thugs.”


    The ANC has been threatening to take Tshwane to court over the matter of online council meetings.

    In a lawyer’s letter addressed to the Speaker on Tuesday evening, the ANC says such a meeting is unlawful. It contravenes the rules and orders of council, the party says.

    “Furthermore, we are instructed that for the resolution to pass, a quorum of 107 + 1 members are required in order to reach a quorum and that despite the fact that council does not reach a quorum, you still want to proceed with virtual council sitting,” says the letter.

    But according to Stuurman, the ANC failed to follow the actual route for a legal challenge and instead resorted to violence. Despite the violence, council reconvened online, he said.

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    “It is clear that the ANC wants to destabilise the city by preventing council from sitting with their violence that seeks to serve their own political interests at the expense of Tshwane residents.”

    “The City of Tshwane multiparty coalition will not be intimidated by attempts to collapse council. We will continue to defend our residents and push ahead with the work of council,” Stuurman said.

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