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  • What? Man GROWS 5cm ‘horn’ on the tip of his penis

    What? Man GROWS 5cm ‘horn’ on the tip of his penis

    A 43-year-old man essentially baffled his doctors after showing them a five-centimetre ‘horn’ that had grown from the tip of his penis. 

    A ‘hard yellowish-brown’ growth protruded from the man’s penis

    The man is one of six in the WORLD over the past 30 years to develop this rare condition.

    The unnamed Chinese man sought medical assistance after the ‘hard’ growth which was ‘yellowish-brown’ grew from his manhood.

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    Three years prior to this, the 43-year-old had visited doctors with a similar condition. At this time, the growth was the size of a grain of rice and had been surgically removed.

    According to the Asian Journal of Surgery, surgeons successfully removed the cancerous horn. The Taiyuan-based medical professionals stated that he had fully recovered.

    The horn regrew to over five centimetres

    When he returned to medical professionals, the ‘horn’ had since grown back to a massive 5.5cm. The horn extended from just under the foreskin and past the man’s urethra.

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    “Clinical examination showed a conical lesion projecting from the anterior surface of the glans penis, measuring 55 mm in length and 30 mm at the base,”

    read the Asian Journal of Surgery.

    The horn was smooth at the top and rough towards the bass. It had a number of mass-like protrusions, said doctors.

    Medical professionals still don’t know what causes the condition but the man was diagnosed with a ‘cutaneous horn’ by Urologists at the Second Hospital of Shanxi Medical University.

    A cutaneous horn is a hard cone-shaped lump that protrudes from one’s skin. The build-up is made from keratin. Keratin is the same protein that forms nails and hair. 

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    A cutaneous horn is usually spotted on the head and face but there have been incidents of it appearing on the neck, chest, shoulders and penis, reports news.com.au.

    The man has made a full recovery after the growth was removed. Photo: Stock Image / Pixabay

    The growth was successfully removed – again

    When the tissue was analysed, professionals confirmed that the man had squamous cell carcinoma.

    Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is the second most common form of cancer, according to skincancer.org.

    Since the removal of the growth, the man reportedly made a full recovery.

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