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  • Bolivian Court Deliberates Sentence Against Jeanine Áñez

    Bolivian Court Deliberates Sentence Against Jeanine Áñez

    The First Sentencing Court in Bolivia closed on Friday the phase of debates and began to deliberate its sentence in the ordinary trial against Jeanine Áñez and two former military chiefs for the case of Coup d'Etat II.

    Bolivia’s FM Mayta: Let’s Rethink Dialogue in the Continent

    After hearing the final argument of the former de facto governor offered in the Women's Penitentiary Center of Miraflores, the judges will issue the case sentence during the course of the next few hours.

    In this sense, the court said that: "the judges will deliberate uninterruptedly until the corresponding resolution is issued, and the procedural parties must be connected virtually."

    For her part, Áñez said in her defense: "I did not lift a finger to become president. But I did what I had to do. I assumed the presidency out of commitment." At the same time, she added: "I assumed the presidency according to what is established in the Political Constitution of the State," while confirming that "I would do it again" if she had the opportunity.

    In her final argument for case #GolpeDeEstado II, Jeanine Áñez remarked that she would "do again" what she did in the November 2019 crisis when she unconstitutionally assumed command of the country.

    The defendant said she would appeal the sentence and expressed: "We are not going to stay here; we are going to continue in international life" while expressing her confidence in "the wrath of God."

    The criminal proceeding against the former Bolivian de facto president is because she became president without a quorum in the Senate and the Assembly, as well as for the commission of the crimes outlined in articles 153 and 154 of the Penal Code.

    Accordingly, the Public Prosecutor's Office presented approximately 70 pieces of evidence and 20 witness statements against him.

    The former commander of the Air Force, Gonzalo Terceros, and the former commander of the Navy, Palmiro Jarjury, who were part of the conspiracy that placed Áñez in the presidency, are also being prosecuted in this case.

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