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  • Bolsonaro Cannot Stand Lula Becoming President of Brazil

    Bolsonaro Cannot Stand Lula Becoming President of Brazil

    On Thursday, President Jair Bolsonaro acknowledged that he cannot admit the possibility that Lula da Silva could return to the Presidency of the Republic.


    Brazilian Police Suffocate a Person With Schizophrenia to Death

    "We cannot admit that whoever attacks the family, defends abortion, speaks of gender ideology, or wants to disarm people, wants to be President," Bolsonaro said in a querulous tone.

    The far-right former captain reacted in this way to the proposals of the Workers' Pary leader, who said that the concept of family does not only include the union between a man and a woman. Lula also promised to defend the right of women to voluntarily terminate pregnancy and repeal the rules that allow civilians to buy weapons easily and without further controls.

    Notoriously disturbed by polls placing him at a disadvantage, Bolsonaro stressed that Brazil now has "a government that believes in God, respects the family, and owes loyalty to its people."

    The tweet reads, "In the Northeast, Bolsonaro is not growing. Lula has almost four times more votes than the genocidal man. It is time for Bolsonaro to say goodbye. The Northeast wants Lula. Datafolha shows that 62% of Northeasterners will vote for Lula to President. Only 17% of the region's inhabitants want the genocidal man's re-election."

    "We are an eminently Christian country and our values must be preserved at any cost," Bolsonaro said, asking citizens to prevent "Brazil from approaching the abyss of the Left."

    On Thursday, Datafolha published a survey showing that the Workers' Party candidate rose five points in voting intentions compared to the data obtained in March, thus reaching 48 percent of citizen preferences nationwide. Bolsonaro, on the other hand, achieved only 27 percent of the voting intentions.

    But that was not the only political revelation. The leftist candidate could obtain 54 percent of the valid votes in the October elections. Even assuming that all the undecided votes went to favor Bolsonaro, Lula da Silva would obtain 52.2 percent of the polls, which would allow him to reach the presidency in a single round, if current trends continue.


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