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  • Boluarte’s Government Suspends Constitutional Rights in Peru

    Boluarte’s Government Suspends Constitutional Rights in Peru

    At a time when Peruvian social organizations keep calling for demonstrations against police repression, the Government of President-designate Dina Boluarte decreed this Saturday a state of emergency in Lima, Callao, Puno and Cusco, which will suspend several constitutional rights.


    Honduran Government Declares Emergency Due To Avian Influenza

    The decree, published in the official gazette close to midnight on Saturday, authorizes the military forces to intervene together with the Police to "safeguard" public order.

    Peru has been experiencing a series of social protests since last December 7, when the Congress dismissed President Pedro Castillo, who is in prison on charges of rebellion, and appointed in his place Boluarte, who was serving as the country's vice-president.

    The social mobilizations, demanding the resignation of Boluarte, the closing of Congress, a constitutional assembly and the release of Castillo, have been strongly repressed by the police forces with a toll of about 50 killed and hundreds injured and detained.

    The decree, which went into effect as of Sunday, establishes that "the Peruvian National Police maintains control of internal order with the support of the Armed Forces".

    For 30 days, the constitutional rights of inviolability of domicile and the freedoms of transit through the national territory, assembly and personal freedom and security will be suspended.

    Leaders from Puno and patrols from La Libertad and Cajamarca announce "2nd march of the 4 of theirs" heading to Lima in the coming days. Meanwhile, the government of @DinaErcilia lacks a clear strategy for dialogue with the [email protected]

    In the department of Puno, the decree included "mandatory social immobilization" for 10 days starting this Sunday, to be complied with from 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. the following day.

    During these hours, circulation will only be allowed for the acquisition, production and supply of foodstuffs. In addition, only the personnel necessary for the provision of essential services will be allowed to circulate.

    The Government of Boluarte declared a state of emergency on the eve of several demonstrations that social movements are preparing to hold this Monday in Lima to demand the release of several leaders who have been detained by the authorities.

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